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2023 Week 2 Clemson Tigers Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Striker743 14 Down 8 - Clemson had a chance to keep it close and maybe win. I ranked Duke before the season, no shame in losing to them
kamiller2020 15 Clemson is still going to be a factor in the playoff race. This is my bold claim a couple of hours after the shocking 28-7 loss to Duke. Clemson did not look as bad as the score indicates. Clemson outgained Duke. They got into the red zone 5 times. They mostly made Duke's passing and run game inefficient(save for one big Leonard touchdown run). They turned the ball over three times and had one field goal blocked(maybe two?) and that was the game. This is not to say Clemson is without flaws. The wide receiver room in Clemson is pathetic. They made Klubnik's job borderline impossible. No separation, little fight at the top of routes, dropped balls, no participating in the scramble drill and no blocking. It was one of the worst games from a single unit of a team I've frankly ever seen and that kind of performance all season will sabotage the Tigers. That isn't to say Klubnik had a good game either, it was a fairly pedestrian outing from him. He threw two interceptable balls, didn't really help his WRs gain separation with his eyes, and the situation awareness was concerning. The running backs didn't really convert in the red zone, but they mostly held up their end of the bargain. The defense had a good game but the tackling could be much better. Also, where was the pass rush? Where was Peter Woods? Clemson can still make the playoffs, I think this team matches up well with Florida State and Notre Dame. Getting those games in Death Valley is a huge benefit as well. I would still pick Clemson to win the ACC after today, despite what I just saw. But not having any threat of a passing game kills their title hopes and Dabo is going to have to seriously evaluate how he constructs his wide receiver room and his program if they want to win a national title. Having any of Zakhari Franklin, Jamari Thrash, Keon Coleman, Dominic Lovett, AD Mitchell, Dorian Singer Jimmy Horn Jr., etc. would be massive for this team this season. An Evan Stewart Zachariah Branch or Jacorey Brooks would've been really helpful on Monday. It's very telling that the only WR who was even a net neutral in this game was Antonio Williams, the only WR Clemson has who was top ten in his recruiting class. Clemson is a ten-win team, do not overreact about them being bad this season. But the future of Clemson's title chances is predicated on their recruiting and development, and some areas of it need massive improvement.
rain_parkour 16
tdeff19 16
the_neverdoctor 16
TouchdownHeroes 16 LW: 12
ewolfy13 17 Special teams was bad, klubnik showed some good, but some bad too
CptCheese 18
washington_jefferson 18
JeromesNiece 19
RavenclawWiz816 19
wesman212 19
dan4223 20
JCiLee 20
Longvols 20
MWiatrak2077 20
Rakarei 20
TheJeemTeam 20
AlexanderComet 21
bretticus33 21 All offseason the talk was about how Garrett Riley would save the Clemson offense, but it was just more of the same. Execution errors, mistakes, and absolute failures were the story of the game. If not for a muffed punt by Duke, Clemson might have lost 28-0. Extremely disappointing game from Clemson all-around.
Charlemagne42 21
IceColdDrPepper_Here 21
malowry0124 21
Pollaski 21
ReallyCreative 21
Branzilla91 22
COLU_BUS 22 From 6 down to 22, yes I also think that Duke should be above them
cornholesurfer 22 The talent is there. That’s why they are still ranked. But what an absolute terrible performance by Clemson.
Megalomanizac 22
pileatedloon 22
BamaPride95 23
dabul-master 23
ThaCarter 23
52hoova 24
Acm0028 24
jimbobbypaul 24 LY: 9 TY: 111
jmac_21 24
mellolizard 24
oghawks18 24
PumpSmash 24
sasmith2015 24
texas2089 24 The Tigers have the talent. The talent did not show out in a Labor Day showdown with the Blue Devils. Cade Klubnik is still raw, making only his second career start. Several missed throws by the QB, but his receiving corps didn't give him much help either. I think this Clemson team will be VERY good come the season's end, but a lot to figure out in the early parts of this season.
ALStark69 25 -17 Next 5: Iowa, Arkansas, Fresno State, TCU, UCF
Bank_Gothic 25
CharlemagneOfTheUSA 25 Movement: (-17) - The biggest drop of the poll (along with TCU, I guess), goes to Clemson, whose offense looked absolutely pitiful against Duke. Two separate drives made it to the one yard line only to score a grand total of 0 points. Their defense could still win them games, but if they don't figure out their offense quickly they'll soon be off this list entirely.
CockADoodleBOOM 25
coletheredditer 25 13. Modest Mouse, their fans are listening to Float On on repeat to try and convince themselves the season is salvageable.
fourpinz8 25
jrluhn 25 Top 5 not in the poll (in no order): Colorado, Pitt, TCU, Arkansas, and Minnesota
Maladroit44 25
molodyets 25
MoneyManeVick 25
nemoran 25
nw____ 25
one98d 25
practicallybert 25
SpadeRyker 25
SteemieRayVaughn 25
WarEagle9 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
visor841 11
donbagert 15 Did Clemson's new QB get too much spotlight thrust upon him too soon?
tapswitch 15
Bereft13 16
LivewireCK 17
RealignmentJunkie 17
Shion314 17
ziggysaysnada 17
Actual_Yellow8728 18
charmingcharles2896 18 Clemson looked poorly prepared and sloppy in the red zone, but they have some talented players on that team.
Chipsahoy523 18
Cooliamabeast 18
Player_1_has_Joined 18
samuelbassett 18
bthombeast 19
Harpua99 19
Jadenflo 19
spencej98 19
_TGT7 20
ard8 20
Blyvzy 20
FigletPiglet 20 1.142
iHasMagyk 20
maxwell6233 20
the_lost_carrot 20
alwaysveryconflicted 21
GeyWeyner12 21
grtgbln 21
ndbfsu22 21
OSU_Shecter 21
ScaratheBear 21 The result: A 7-28 loss against Duke. Clemson started slow and never got the gears going. The offensive overhaul expected by Garret Riley didn't come, and the defense, though they played, tough, eventually broke down. Clemson didn't do themselves any favors either, as they missed 2 field goals and fumbled in the red zone twice. Costly mistakes in a tight game. The reasoning: I know plenty will drop Clemson entirely out of their polls, but I think such a dramatic drop is unwarranted. I had Duke ranked #22 heading into this season, and expected Clemson to have a tough fight on their hands. A loss was certainly a possibility. Clemson will have to clean up mistakes, notably the special teams and red zone errors, for them to begin a climb back up the ranking. Next up: A get right game against Charleston Southern, where the Tigers will hope to begin their "next 14 games".
Small_Bet_9433 21
youngs2309 21 Oregon State
dterp13 22
ETHTrillionaire 22
GreenAndYellow12 22 -12
jibberishdhyukl 22 Bad loss to an underrated Duke team, but much closer than the score indicated
just-regular-I-guess 22
JustYourAvrageWorker 22
mubert 22
PSUMediaPA 22
ReadySetMeow 22
twr96 22
ActuallyJasonPrice 23
Devintheroaster 23
diehardcubforever 23
evil_muffins_5436 23
FsuNolezz 23
Greyson04 23
ianmcmoney 23
journey1986 23 Considered unranking them but would take them over either of the two teams below
Ok_Elderberry7070 23
thejawa 23
ViewFrom209 23
Bernard_Samson 24
Dan20698 24
DragonFire101Gamer 24
KrispyKangaroo96 24
Mini-Mussolini 24
Pyroblockx 24
Scott72901 24
Serenityy8 24
Sflabuckeye13 24
siggyrambler 24
tcomn 24 Embarrassing loss. Hard to believe they had so many miscues and baffling plays. It seems like Clemson thought they didn't start games until week 2, while Duke already appeared in late-season form. Similar to LSU, Clemson can climb back up, but a lot needs to change for that to happen.
AnAngryPanda1 25
bbshock21 25
bruhstevenson 25
colton_97 25
J4ckiebrown 25
knon24 25
MemeofMemeJTG999999 25 (0-1) (down 16) L: 7-28 @ Duke (1-0) Next Week: vs. Charleston Southern (1-0) Fell out of T30: Texas Tech (0-1) (24) UTSA (0-1) (25) South Carolina (0-1) (27) Boise State (0-1) (29)
mill1634 25
mithrandir2398 25
MuhMuhManRay 25
narwhalz27 25
patriots230 25
redrumsoxLoL 25
sconbon 25
SharkMovies 25
Steelthornn 25
TheBeekman8 25 Lost in Durham tonight, Dabo and Cade have to prove they can win games and they had far too many issues tonight
TheFalconGuy 25
TheNSAAgent777 25
TommyTwoTaps 25
Yung_Carrot 25
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