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2023 Week 2 California Golden Bears Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
ChargerFan2121 8 California Golden Bears 374.40 374.40
tks231 13
Hey_Its_Roomie 17 Large margin of victory over G5
udubdavid 19
Darth_Ra 22
HieloLuz 22
soonersthebetter 23

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
grahamca 4 T1ˢᵗ W/L, T13ᵗʰ Predicted Wins, 8ᵗʰ Team Strength, 3ʳᵈ Quality of Wins
StannisGrammarMannis 5
ColombianInIowa24 18 Do more than expected.
JetoGrov 18 Guys, Cal scored 50...UNT is pretty good for G5... Pac-12!!!Pac-12!!!Pac-12!!!
StumpVanDerHuge 25 Pac-12 dominance over Conference USA confirmed
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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