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2023 Week 2 Northern Illinois Huskies Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
70stang 11 Northern Illinois beat a P5 team in their own house to be 1-0
Jakesnake42 12 65.07
T-Thugs 12 Northern Illinois started off their year with a nice win over Boston College.
tallg8tor 15
ACCBiggz 20
tks231 20
HHcougar 21
DylanCarlson3 22
HarbingerOfFun 25
udubdavid 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
ColombianInIowa24 6 The BC upset is hardly impressive in my mind, but I guess you can be rewarded for doing what no other MAC team could do against the P5.
StannisGrammarMannis 9
squibby 20
visor841 23
DeerPrison 24
PNW_Jeff 24 Beat Boston College on the road.
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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