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2023 Week 2 Fresno State Bulldogs Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
T-Thugs 9 Fresno State started the year with a nice road win over Purdue.
70stang 10 Fresno State beat a P5 team in their own house to be 1-0
udubdavid 10
AlphaH4wk 13
tallg8tor 13
Jakesnake42 14 64.52
ACCBiggz 16
BUSean 17
practicallybert 17
romulusjsp 17 (+4) Fresno is being slept on nationally
HHcougar 18 T-17 with A&M
Rakarei 18
Striker743 18 Up 7- beat P5 team on the road
nw____ 20
owlalwaysloveyew 20
ToeInDigDeep 20
Bank_Gothic 21
ChargerFan2121 21 Fresno State Bulldogs 303.35 303.35
Ruhrgebietheld 21
Maladroit44 22
ScarletFever333 22
BallSoHerd 23
Lex_Ludorum 23
nbingham196 23
noahthearc 23
SCsprinter13 23
bwburke94 24
CharlemagneOfTheUSA 24 Movement: (NR) - Go Bulldogs! A nice win over Purdue shows that Fresno State is never an easy win, a pattern that has held for several years now. A pretty easy schedule awaits them up until a potentially intriguing matchup with Wyoming on October 7th.
eclectic_tastes 24
Hackasizlak 24
MoneyManeVick 24
TDenverFan 24
Blazeth 25
Hobbes_121 25
NyquillusDillwad20 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
StannisGrammarMannis 7
ColombianInIowa24 8 Beat Purdue in a somewhat upset, at their place, easy to get here.
JetoGrov 8 You can't simply walk into West Lafayette and expect a win....unless of course, you're the Fresno State Bulldogs
PNW_Jeff 8 One of the most impressive teams of the weekend, winning on the road at a Big Ten school
PlactusTX 11 (11) W Purdue
twitter_paulbd 11 (2022) 1-0
squibby 12
DeerPrison 17
Tornadohunter24 17
youngs2309 17 Fresno State
TheNSAAgent777 18
CheapTrickIsOkay 19
samuelbassett 19
visor841 19
Elegant_Extreme3268 20
Totes_Not_an_NSA_guy 20 1573 (T)
drneilpretenamen 21
Jay682002 21
mathmanhale 22
TadKosciuszko 22
bloodmuffins793 23
JamoRedhead 23
stoeseri000 23 Thought they might have a drop off woth Haener leaving but Tedford has them ready to go again.
throwaway_6786 23 Purdue isn't exactly a world-beater, but it's still a nice comeback win on the road for a Fresno State team that went 10-4 in 2022. For now, that's enough to get them to #23, but they'll need to keep up their winning ways to stick around. Good news: QB Mikey Keene was impressive in his first start, which bodes well for continuing the success that the Bulldogs had with Jake Haener.
tunaduck 23 In a good position to win the MWC.
Noelthemexican 24
SharkMovies 24
Small_Bet_9433 24
JustYourAvrageWorker 25
maxwell6233 25
ScaratheBear 25 The result: The Bulldogs took on Purdue in West Lafayette, winning 39-35. Fresno, coming off a MWC title, beat last years B1G West champs in their house behind a strong performance from Mikey Keene and WR Erik Brooks. They dominated TOP, 36:30 to 23:30, and picked off Purdue QB Hudson Card to ice the game late in the 4th. The reasoning: Fresno has the 3rd longest active win streak in the FBS, is coming off a ranked finish last year and just beat one half of the Big 10s title game. They're a fun team to watch, Mikey Keene is quietly one of the best QBs in the G5, and Tedford has been a phenomenal G5 coach since he started at Fresno in 2017 (break notwithstanding). Look out for them to be a quiet dark horse for the G5 bowl rep. Next up: Eastern Washington, followed by another P5 trip to Arizona State.
tcomn 25 Start with dawgs end with dawgs. Good win over a chaotic Purdue team
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