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2023 Week 2 Kansas Jayhawks Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
HarbingerOfFun 15
Due_Connection179 23 Last Week #25 vs Missouri State : Won 48-17
Foxmcbowser42 23
Megalomanizac 23
12panther 24
Branzilla91 24
boxman151515 25
Charlemagne42 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
grahamca 19 T1ˢᵗ W/L, T40ᵗʰ Predicted Wins, T20ᵗʰ Team Strength, T11ᵗʰ Quality of Wins
MrOoferLoofer 20 Kansas is my dark horse team this year (who I have sneaking in the playoffs 🤫)
Jadenflo 21
tunaduck 22
demolisty24 23 Kansas is a sleeper team and with QB Jalon Daniel's looking to come back. Kansas can be a powerhouse this year
mathmanhale 23
just-regular-I-guess 25
spaceblev11 25 I'll be biased, their Safety Kenny Logan Jr. was one of my classmates in Elementary, Middle, and High School so I have to root for them.
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

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Normal = after the AP poll was published

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