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2023 Week 2 Duke Blue Devils Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
AlphaH4wk 2
Jakesnake42 2 77.66 (Read Above)
T-Thugs 2 Duke starts off the year with a solid home victory over an AP top 10 Clemson.
tallg8tor 2
ACCBiggz 3
cfbguy 4
CFBHurts 4
soonersthebetter 4
udubdavid 6
placid_salad 7 LW #7
Bank_Gothic 9
Hey_Its_Roomie 9 Large margin of victory over P5
Ruhrgebietheld 9
BigBoutros 10
dabul-master 10
GeauxTri 10
HarbingerOfFun 10
HieloLuz 11
Striker743 11 Up 7 - giving UNC the nod as the better win. Duke had a lot going their way with a Monday night home game. Game was closer than indicated with the Clemson redzone turnovers.
tmothy07 11
kamiller2020 12 Duke didn't play their best football game and they beat Clemson by 21. Let me say that again, Duke didn't play their best football game and beat CLEMSON by 21. If you walk away from that game clowning Clemson more than praising Duke, you didn't watch closely enough. Duke ran basic coverage in the secondary and gave Klubnik nowhere to throw the ball. Duke got pushed around on the line of scrimmage but made enough plays in the back end to not let Clemson's RBs torch them. They forced timely turnovers and played great team defense(look at the plugged holes on key downs and the contain on the edges). Riley Leonard played the best defense he'll face all season and looked mostly poised. Sure there were some inaccurate throws, but there were also some great plays. Duke is a great football team that's balanced enough to match up with anybody. I don't know if they'll make the ACC title game or a NY6. The schedule has some landmines. But Duke can walk into Tallahassee and play with Florida State. Notre Dame is going to be in for a long game with the Blue Devils. I don't see a single team on Duke's schedule they are incapable of beating, and that tells you a lot about this team under Elko.
SkiFlashing 12
UNC_Samurai 12
Dropbackandpunt 13
HHcougar 13 And there it is. The #2 resume immediately shoots Duke up to #13 in my rankings, despite being unranked in my power rankings. Fun storyline... but Duke is gonna go like 7-5
SCsprinter13 13
Sometimeswelose 13
Branzilla91 14
I_am_bot_beep_boop 14
nw____ 14
ReallyCreative 14
SpadeRyker 14
tks231 14
Xtremeloco 14
70stang 15 Duke beat a P5 team at home to be 1-0
aggiebruin27 15
DrKennethJNoisewater 15
jrluhn 15
KirbyDumber88 15
nemoran 15
noahthearc 15
Rakarei 15
strikersteve60 15
AlexanderComet 16
Blooblod 16
bretticus33 16 Duke pulled off one of the upsets of the week with an impressive and comprehensive beatdown of Clemson. Mike Elko has done an incredible job turning around Duke and will have top programs looking to sign him on if he keeps it up.
CommodoreN7 16
corundum9 16
Daigotsu 16
darkra01 16
ewolfy13 16 Impressive performance against a solid clemson team, albeit facing a freshman QB on the road. Thrived on turnovers
MoneyManeVick 16
RavenclawWiz816 16
RiffRamBahZoo 16
ScarletFever333 16
T-nawtical 16
typicaliconoclast 16
bakonydraco 17 76.87
BallSoHerd 17
Blazeth 17
DarkLegend64 17
DylanCarlson3 17
Feral_Squirrel 17
hascogrande 17
Helifino 17
JCiLee 17
nbingham196 17
ThaCarter 17
ucieaters33 17
VerySeriousBanana 17
WarEagle9 17
arrowfan624 18
BamaPride95 18
cyberchaox 18 LW: NR
DisraeliEers 18
fredmerc111 18 This team looks attractive as hell, I wish my team was like that.
Hugefootballfan44 18 LW: NR
jeedf 18
monkeymatt1836 18
MWiatrak2077 18
one98d 18
realclean 18
tdeff19 18
TDenverFan 18
Techwid 18
TopGoose 18
12panther 19
52hoova 19
AudiieVerbum 19
BearsAreGreat1 19
Cassiyus 19
cornholesurfer 19 C ya Dabo. The Blue devils technically upset Clemson, but there was no doubt they were the better team. Clemson offensive woes or a stout Duke D? Probably a bit of both but what an opener for the Blue Devils.
dogwoodmaple 19
e8odie 19
jimbobbypaul 19 LY: 27 TY: 23
jjjoebox 19 (N/A) The Devil went down to Clemson and had themselves a time
Lex_Ludorum 19
lillipup03 19
MahjongDaily 19
Maladroit44 19
Megalomanizac 19
Mr_Brews 19
oghawks18 19
owlalwaysloveyew 19
plannedsickdays 19
PrimalCookie 19
RegionalBias 19 Electric finish. Not overreacting to Clemson fumbling twice near the goal line. Congrats Devils.
romulusjsp 19 (NR) Despite having a good season last year I didn't really have Duke on my radar, but what a hell of a way to prove it on Monday night. Trying not to overreact too much, but Clemson are not ranked on this ballot because they looked truly horrendous out there
TheJeemTeam 19
ThePelvicWoo 19
TheZachster 19
wameron 19
bannista7 20
CambodianDrywall 20
Charlemagne42 20
coletheredditer 20 19. Cage The Elephant, both of these were the ones I least expected to be here.
Corgi_Koala 20
DarthYoda2594 20
eclectic_tastes 20
grjohnst 20
huskerfan4life520 20
IceColdDrPepper_Here 20
malowry0124 20
NyquillusDillwad20 20
PumpSmash 20
seaotter2 20
The_Good_Constable 20
thexraptor 20
tjstanley 20
woakley 20
Zloggt 20 D E V I L I S H D U K E !
Acm0028 21
BosskOnASegway 21
BUSean 21
halldaylong 21
Hobbes_121 21
Johnnycockseed 21
mellolizard 21
pileatedloon 21
puffadda 21
RollWarTideEagle 21
skuhlke 21
SlaminSammons 21
SteemieRayVaughn 21
tdoger 21
texas2089 21 The Blue Devils came to play. They were among my first 5 teams out, and this performance showed exactly why I had such high hopes for this squad. Riley Leonard posted nearly 300 yards of total offense and showed exactly why he's one of the top QB prospects in next year's NFL draft. Duke had their own issues with turnovers, but the defense and special teams forced 3 of their own. Duke was outgained in this game but they showed the moxie to bounce back and win this game in convincing fashion against a good Clemson team.
Arteza147 22
boxman151515 22
CptCheese 22
deadtofall12 22
GoBlueScrewOSU7 22
Hackasizlak 22
jmac_21 22
nburt13 22
peachios 22
physedka 22
RegulatorRWF 22
ALStark69 23 NR Dropped out: 17 TCU, 23 Texas Tech, 25 South Carolina
Archaic_1 23
bwburke94 23
Cecil_Hardboner 23
CharlemagneOfTheUSA 23 Movement: (NR) - Never thought I'd cheer for Duke, but Elko is really doing something special down there.
CockADoodleBOOM 23
djowen68 23
Drexlore 23
molodyets 23
Nathanael-Greene 23
practicallybert 23
Red261 23
sasmith2015 23
Staind075 23
ya111101 23
311polo 24
COLU_BUS 24 Like I said on Clemson, I'd like for Duke to be above Clemson but its a one game sample size. Next week they almost certainly will as the preseason weighting gets removed even more.
D1N2Y 24
DaewooLanosMFerrr 24
Darth_Ra 24
ikindalikelemons 24
Pollaski 24
washington_jefferson 24
wesman212 24
ChaseTheFalcon 25
Conglossian 25
Due_Connection179 25 Last Week NR vs #12 Clemson : Won 28-7
EpicSchwinn 25 Whew. This team is gonna be trouble for folks. ACC chaos personified and I love it.
falconlover79 25
justsaynotoreddit 25 0.6462
Longvols 25
PHubbs 25
Pikachu1989 25
Pure_Protein_Machine 25
RheagarTargaryen 25
TaylorLeprechaun 25 NR
TouchdownHeroes 25 LW: HM

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
ColombianInIowa24 2 How about my Blue Devils! After a resounding victory against Clemson my Blue Devils get #2, which will sadly even out in the coming weeks. Unlike Texas State, we in Durham still have little chance to run the gauntlet with Notre Dame, UNC and FSU on our schedule.
JetoGrov 2 There is a strong case that Duke should be #1 in my rankings. After all, I was incredibly high on Clemson this year and low on LSU; so that would lend one to believe that Duke's win was more impressive...but, to be entirely honest, I think I'm still pissed at Clemson. That game was so bonkers...and while I'm not one to rely on the fluky argument (a win is a win), the dominance displayed by FSU gives them a slight edge over Duke for top win after Week 1.
PNW_Jeff 2 Second most impressive win of the weekend.
squibby 2
visor841 3
manbeardawg 4 Absolutely dominated what I expect will be a good (though not really good) Clemson team. I expect the Blue Devils to surprise more folks before the season's over.
cartierboy25 7
BananaBouquet 8
CheapTrickIsOkay 8
cmcabrera 9
mauliknshah 10
Yung_Carrot 10
Pylon-Cam 11
Fantastic-Calendar-9 12 LW: 24, huge win over Clemson, 2nd best team in ACC?
DeerPrison 13
jibberishdhyukl 13 Huge upset over Clemson
RadiationRichard 13
SharkMovies 13
bethe2ndmouse 14
grtgbln 14
stoeseri000 14 Big jump up in my ratings this week folkowing that performance.
Yelich04 14
Dontworryaboutit1 15
KrispyKangaroo96 15
maxwell6233 15
Noelthemexican 15
PSUMediaPA 15
siggyrambler 15
bthombeast 16
drneilpretenamen 16
Jadenflo 16
Jay682002 16
JoeFreshwata 16
Maize_n_Boom 16
OSUfan88 16
ScaratheBear 16 The result: A 28-7 upset over Clemson at home to start the season off with a bang. Riley Leonard, unknown QB before the game, went off and was basically the entirety of Dukes offense. Mike Elko's defense was phenomenal, and despite a big talent advantage in favor of Clemson, the Duke D looked as though it was easily keeping pace. Really a coming out party for the Blue Devils, and potentially a kickstart to a championship contending season. Just wanna say, told ya so. The reasoning: I had Duke 22nd in the preseason poll, and feel that a solid jump is right enough for them. I think that the defense is gonna carry Duke through a lot of these games, but Riley Leonard is the truth at QB and could pull the team through games as well. Duke runs the gamut of good ACC teams this year, playing Notre Dame, Florida State, and North Carolina, so we'll see how good they really are through the season. Next up: Duke gets a trio of winnable games against Lafayette, Northwestern, and @UConn before another top 10 game against Notre Dame. Expect Wallace Wade to be bumping for that one if Duke is undefeated.
Shion314 16
slashbopzing 16
thejawa 16
cfbpeoplespoll 17 Good home win against a questionable Clemson team that made a lot of mistakes.
Elegant_Extreme3268 17
KansasChaser2021 17
meowrkatt 17
nebsA1 17
Serenityy8 17
70277027 18
_TGT7 18
Blyvzy 18
Dawg-Bite 18
drewscottt 18
iHasMagyk 18 Slaughtered Clemson
jaybigs 18
journey1986 18 This defense looks GOOD. Potential top 15 matchup against ND at the end of the month?
MajikSix 18
MemeofMemeJTG999999 18 (1-0) (unranked) W: 28-7 vs. #9 Clemson (0-1) Next Week: vs. Lafayette (1-0)
patriots230 18
Protoco2 18
rocco2246 18
tcomn 18 Impressive win, but Clemson played about as bad as possible. Was it luck? Duke's schedule will show us what this team is really made of.
big_thunder_man 19
charmingcharles2896 19 Duke's defense is very good, impressive. If their offense, and especially their quarterback play improve, they'll be a serious contender in the ACC.
ETHTrillionaire 19
geauxsaints777 19
Greyson04 19
ianmcmoney 19
mathmanhale 19
mcdsmaster8824 19
ndbfsu22 19
Ok_Elderberry7070 19
OSU_Shecter 19
sconbon 19
Sflabuckeye13 19
throwaway_6786 19 Clemson was so worried about FSU and UNC that they forgot about little ole Duke. There's no question that the Blue Devils were aided by Tiger gaffes, but the sheer physicality of Duke's OL pushed Clemson's front 7 in ways I've rarely seen over the last decade. Also, I think that might have been a bit of a coming out party for Riley Leonard, but we've seen one-hit wonders before, so don't get too excited.
TinderForMidgets 19
Tornadohunter24 19
bbshock21 20
BoukenGreen 20
bruhstevenson 20
Cascadia-Rising 20
chillmagic420 20
ClandestineFox 20
Consistent_Train128 20
GeyWeyner12 20
ItsFreakinHarry2 20
J4ckiebrown 20
JustYourAvrageWorker 20
Keveroni 20
kevinsdomain 20
narwhalz27 20
Piptit 20
Small_Bet_9433 20
StateOfTheArt- 20
TheFalconGuy 20
thehornedlamb 20
TheNSAAgent777 20
youngs2309 20 UCLA
10catsinspace 21
ActuallyJasonPrice 21
AnAngryPanda1 21
Bernard_Samson 21
DownshiftGD 21
dterp13 21
JHallquist 21 Huge upset win at home vs Clemson! Not just a basketball school.
losbullitt 21
saquad69 21
TheBeekman8 21 Whooped Clemson who did not look good at all. But I think this squad is legit. Mike Elko and Riley Leonard have this team looking good.
TheGlassRemains 21
twr96 21
Tylex123 21
ViewFrom209 21
Bereft13 22
CarnellWilliams 22
colton_97 22
diehardcubforever 22
evil_muffins_5436 22
frone 22
FsuNolezz 22
HideNZeke 22
Is_Flacco_Elite 22
JamoRedhead 22
mithrandir2398 22
Pyroblockx 22
RealignmentJunkie 22
Steelthornn 22
titansfan174 22
Underground_Bread 22
UVUboi2 22
ziggysaysnada 22
Cooliamabeast 23
Dan20698 23
divey043 23
DragonFire101Gamer 23 If you beat a team, most of the time you should be ranked above them
maknasty09 23
mubert 23
redrumsoxLoL 23
Scott72901 23
StannisGrammarMannis 23
thatoneguyD13 23 Third best win so far. Dominant over a team I had #5 last week.
ard8 24
ch1l1_ch33s3 24
demolisty24 24 Does this need an explanation?
judolphin 24
just-regular-I-guess 24
ManiacalBlazer 24
mill1634 24
MrOoferLoofer 24 Amazing game vs mistake plagued clemson
MuhMuhManRay 24
OutRiteWite 24
StumpVanDerHuge 24 Helped Clemson keep up their proud tradition of Clemsoning but more than that these guys are decent.
TommyTwoTaps 24
tunaduck 24
bloodmuffins793 25
LivewireCK 25
tapswitch 25
True_Ad5324 25
usernamegoeshere763 25
Weathergeekal 25
WRSpill 25
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Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

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Normal = after the AP poll was published

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