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1 Clemson Tigers With the shortened spring and summer practices teams are going to rely on consistency, both in systems and in players. Younger players learning new systems are going to be at a significant disadvantage, where as a team that only lost a few starters, played in the Naty last year, and is returning some of the best coordinators in the country is going to excel. They have 2 hurdles in the form of Miami (of Florida) and Notre Dame, but should handle them and if they do have a pretty easy schedule otherwise.
2 Miami Hurricanes Maybe (definitely) this is premature, but they play Clemson coming off a buy week. If anyone's got a shot to knock the king off the top of the mountain it's them. They put on a clinic against an admittedly terrible FSU team, and anyone who watched that game can attest to the strength of the 2nd and 3rd strings who were still able to do whatever they wanted against 1st string players. Depth is going to be a huge factor this season, and they seem to have it. If they can grind one out against Clemson in 2 weeks they'll have their hands around the neck of the coastal.  
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Is this the end of the Saban era?No. I think they have a real chance to slip up this season given the strength of their competition (Not You TAMU that made Vandy look like a semi competent football team), covid weirdness, and a young quarterback. but until they do they can hang out here. They haven't been really tested yet, which is why I'm not giving them bonus spots, but they can move up as the season progresses and if they play as well against better teams.
4 UCF Knights Respek.But seriously I know this is going to be a hated pick, but when this offense is firing it's unstoppable. They should get at least 2 ranked matchups this season depending on how things shake out, and if they can handle cinci they'll be well positioned to make a claim for it.
5 Florida Gators Best defense is a great offense apparently. Their core offense just clicks, and seems to be firing on all cylinders.The defense isn't bad, but your line couldn't pressure old miss. You're going to face tougher O lines, especially in the UGA game and their defense is far less likely to let you do whatever you want. You beat UGA you make it into the playoffs.
6 Georgia Bulldogs The second half corrections against Arkansas worked, which shows offensive strength. On the other hand you needed 2nd half corrections against Arkansas. Same as above, if you beat Florida you're playing towards the championship.
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish I think we'll know more about them after a better than they look on paper Louisville game and a really solid Pitt team. Hanging 52 on USF isn't exactly impressive, and you unfortunately have to beat Clemson to prove your the realness. 
8 Auburn Tigers I had to google why in the hell you had 8 points in the first quarter when it popped up on the bar on screen. I legitimately thought it was 2 field goals and a safety. Then I saw the play and smiled. I like you, unfortunately you've got Georgia next week. Beat them and I promise to put you over Alabama.
9 Cincinnati Bearcats The only other G5 team with a legitimate shot at the title, though it's not as strong as UCF's as the committee has shown to not care about beating ranked non-P5 teams and that's most of your harder schedule. You vs UCF will be the G5 game of the season.
10 Pittsburgh Panthers Because actually winning games deserves a reward! Buuut you also play UM and ND back to back so, you know, be careful with hope.
11 Ohio State Buckeyes I won't put a team who hasn't played in the top 10 AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!
12 North Carolina Tar Heels I see you there UNC... But beating Syracuse isn't beating Miami or ND, and you have to do both. I think your programs trending the right way, I just don't see it getting there this season.
13 Michigan Wolverines If theres ever a year where Jim can beat the buckeyes its 2020. Let chaos wash over your season like warm rain from heaven.
14 BYU Cougars Winning is good. You seem to like doing it, which is also good.
15 Mississippi State Bulldogs You beat a depleted LSU. Yes it was depleted, but you BEAT them.
16 Minnesota Golden Gophers I liked you guys last season. Maybe this is a positive trend for the team as a whole.
17 SMU Mustangs Because-
18 Memphis Tigers -Group of Five-
19 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns -Schools-
20 UTSA Roadrunners -Need Love-
21 Marshall Thundering Herd -Too.
22 Baylor Bears You beat Kansas. That's technically 1 more Kansas than anyone other than Coastal has beaten.
23 Oklahoma State Cowboys I'll trade you a higher rank in exchange for more wins.
24 Penn State Nittany Lions Man I got no clue, but I have to put you somewhere. And ahead of Texas is that place.
25 Texas Longhorns Stop trying make "Texas is Back" a thing. It's not a thing.

Submitted: Mon 28 Sep 2020 18:58