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1 Clemson Tigers still looking solid, might actually get some test in the acc (kinda) this year with miami (maybe) and ND. yay?
2 Alabama Crimson Tide looking strong off the bat. as always.
3 Florida Gators jumoing up, this offense looked electric, defense maybe could be better. but even tho ole miss isnt the best team in the sec Kiffin did have good offenses for them
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish so duke isnt good but they are wrecking opponents
5 Miami Hurricanes I hope the U is back, love them colors. 
6 Georgia Bulldogs dropped a little from my pre season, yes still did great eventually but as SEC scheduling went they weren'tplaying a good team and it was sp00ky in the 3rd (yes I know they turned it around) will be interesting with the qb stuff
7 Auburn Tigers think they had a good shwing kentucky isnt trash and good win
8 Oklahoma State Cowboys first win, not great, but then again it was first back, second win, decent I think.
9 UCF Knights maybe a little high but without the teams not playing they are not much above the AP
10 Mississippi State Bulldogs maybe a big jump but looked good (tho need less turnovers jesus)
11 North Carolina Tar Heels
12 Texas Longhorns another texas team that didnt look good. like really didnt but again did win
13 BYU Cougars could be undefeated this year. hopefully play teams that might be not trash tho with others showing up
14 Texas A&M Aggies uh didnt look great, but did win
15 Cincinnati Bearcats doing well as g5
16 Tennessee Volunteers I cant deny I didnt watch, but seems a solid win against USC east. sure they muffed a punt but it was way late 
17 Virginia Tech Hokies
18 Oklahoma Sooners great first win against a bad team. then uh, not great last week
19 Pittsburgh Panthers idk people seemed ot thunk miami over Louisville was solid and pitt is doing well.
20 Kansas State Wildcats
21 Memphis Tigers
22 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns close call but they did squeek that win. 
23 LSU Tigers idk talent still likely there. even with that loss
24 SMU Mustangs solid win over tcu, probably, haha, kings of the dallas area.
25 Marshall Thundering Herd before y'all start bitching I'm not going to rank the other leagues until they start playing too. I mean we didnt do this until SEC started either. and it is like 4 weeks. plus it would be weird cause 1 loss would drop them way down. 

Submitted: Sun 27 Sep 2020 21:13