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Overall Rationale:
Dropped Out: everyone from conferences that haven't started playing yet.  When teams start playing then I'll start adding them back to the poll but for now they are not ranked.  As a result the lower end of the poll was really hard to fill out

Rank Team Reason
1 Clemson Tigers +0
2 Alabama Crimson Tide +1: Moves up because Ohio State is no longer ranked
3 Florida Gators +3: Moves up due to Ohio State and Oklahoma dropping and Georgia staying in place after their performance against Arkansas
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish +8: Strong showing in their games so far this year.  Big jump from a lot of teams dropping out of the poll + some losses/poor performances ahead of them
5 Georgia Bulldogs +0
6 Auburn Tigers +9: Big jump due to teams in front dropping out
7 Miami Hurricanes NR: Strong showing through their first few games
8 Texas Longhorns +3: Moves up thanks to teams in front of them dropping out but not nearly as much jump after nearly losing to Texas Tech
9 North Carolina Tar Heels +7: Another team greatly benefitting from teams dropping out of the rankings
10 UCF Knights +11: Looked solid through their first few games.  Big jump yada yada you know the reason
11 Pittsburgh Panthers NR: Some nice wins so far this season.  Looked pretty good in them.  Probably would be in the 15-20 range with the other conferences in the poll
12 Baylor Bears +2: I was pretty high on Baylor to start the season and they had a solid win to start the year after some delays (yes I know it was against Kansas but still)
13 Oklahoma State Cowboys +5: It hasn't been easy so far but wins are wins
14 Cincinnati Bearcats +10: Big jump you know the drill by this point
15 Virginia Tech Hokies +8: Ditto
16 Mississippi State Bulldogs NR: Air raid bay-beeee
17 LSU Tigers -8: I wasn't as high on LSU to start this season but figured they'd be a top 15-ish team.  I'm not sure how to rank them accurately yet but they'll probably end up there as the season goes on
18 Memphis Tigers NR
19 Oklahoma Sooners -15: Big oof
20 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns NR: starting here it got really hard to rank teams so the bottom 6 of this poll is a crapshoot.  I have no confidence in the order I'm ranking these teams
21 Tennessee Volunteers NR
22 Texas A&M Aggies NR
23 SMU Mustangs NR
24 BYU Cougars NR
25 UTSA Roadrunners NR

Submitted: Sun 27 Sep 2020 15:46