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Well it's a resume ranking but that's super tricky when teams have different numbers of games so expect a good bit of volatility until everyone has like 3-4 games (even more than usual, and my first few weeks can be pretty spicy).

Rank Team Reason
1 Clemson Tigers They are what we thought they were, a national title contender.  They have looked the part so far.
2 Alabama Crimson Tide Similar to Clemson, never in doubt against Missouri but didn't look quite as dominant though Missouri is probably a better team than Wake Forest.
3 Florida Gators Well here we will start getting weird.  Miami and Notre Dame both have an argument for this spot.  I just think Ole Miss is the best team any of these 3 have played and Florida won in a semi-comfortable way.  Florida and Miami are about as close to a 3a, 3b situation you can get for me though.
4 Miami Hurricanes They have certainly looked better.  The question really comes when they face an actually decent team.  FSU is atrocious.  UAB is a better win and Louisville certainly isn't a push-over but some worry on when they face a complete defense.  Clemson in 2 weeks will probably clear a good bit of that up though won't it.
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Looked better than expected against the terrible competition they've opened the year with.  Honestly look better than I expected though just think that UF and Miami looked as good against slightly better competition.
6 Georgia Bulldogs Well you pulled away but that was unconvincing.  The offense looks to have undergone little change despite a move at OC and they just don't have a qb at this point.  Lucky they pulled away at the end or they might have ended up at the edge of top 10.
7 Pittsburgh Panthers The best defense in the country out of any playing team.  Period.  Offense has improved slightly each week but its got a ceiling and its not very high.  That said, they have the tools to beat anyone and are winning games.
8 BYU Cougars Officially into "weird and uncomfortable" territory with this one.  They've just looked great so far.  I wish this team coulda played the 6/7 games against P5 teams on their original schedule but so far so good.  Probably see them slowly slide down the rankings a bit whether they keep winning or not but couldn't ask for much better start.
9 Mississippi State Bulldogs Well they beat LSU (who I knew was gunna be worse but o boy it could be real bad).  The Air Raid might just work in the SEC and the Egg Bowl will be insane (O/U 120 anyone?) but for the first week its good enough to be in my top 10.
10 Auburn Tigers There is an argument that they stole this game.  I think they were the better team than a good Kentucky team but not super convincing.  Came close to putting them over Miss. St. but couldn't quite do it after the first week.  Think they rise up a few spots before more leagues get added.
11 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Hey you aren't App. State?  I thought that was the only Fun Belt team we ranked around these parts?  Good win against Iowa State and then two nail biters to conference foes.  Almost assuredly the highest I'll rank them this year but they've done enough to enjoy this week before other resume's surpass them.
12 Virginia Tech Hokies NC State probably isn't all that good but the Hokies also took care of business.  Tough read from this first game so they get to go here.
13 UCF Knights Georgia Tech is still rebuilding but how they beat them is worth something.  Then to take care of business against a team you should is something.  They are a good team but where that leads them to end the year is tougher to gauge.
14 Texas Longhorns Sometimes you win close when you should win big and they did that this week.  Wide-open race to be top of the Big 12 and they would be a playoff team if they won every game by 1 score, just can't rank to highly when you've only done 1 game like that.
15 North Carolina Tar Heels Congrats on beating up little ole Syracuse, you can go higher when you play a real team.
16 Oklahoma State Cowboys A bit similar feeling to Texas.  I just don't think they've looked all that good and with so few (and uneven) number of games that is a factor for now.  I feel they will move down but keep winning like they are and BAM top 10.
17 Cincinnati Bearcats I think Army is very talented this year and they won that game convincingly which is what gets them up here.  I do have some worries about their play keeping up with the level they had last year after 2 games though.
18 Tennessee Volunteers Muschamp teams are never guaranteed an easy out and Tennessee was very fortunate on the last punt that SC didn't get a chance to drive because the defense had been shakey late.  But they pulled off the win and I think more highly of beating South Carolina close than I do about blowing out Kansas.
19 Baylor Bears So they blew out Kansas and didn't lose to a Sun Belt team so they get to be above K-State.
20 Kansas State Wildcats How did you guys lose that first game?
21 Oklahoma Sooners All things even I think Oklahoma is better than the 21 best team in the country.  That said with only 2 games to judge I can't put them above the team that beat them.  They will probably finish there though.
22 Virginia Cavaliers You beat Duke and 2 major conferences aren't playing so congrats on making the Top 25.
23 Marshall Thundering Herd App. State win is impressive and we are still kinda bereft of options.  Good for you guys.
24 SMU Mustangs Squeaked by a Texas State team that is shockingly competent but terrible at closing then had two dominant performances against low competition.  Maybe they are just good this year but I'll believe that when they keep on winning.
25 Memphis Tigers They're only win was Arkansas State so I can't put them higher but I still think they are good enough to be in the American race even if they seem to be a decent 3rd at this point.

Submitted: Sun 27 Sep 2020 06:37