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Overall Rationale:
Another year in the books! I never really got around to my hybrid poll this season, but I'm still pretty happy with how everything turned out. Looking forward to anyone's takes about my rankings and to doing this will you all again in a few short months!

Rank Team Reason
1 LSU Tigers To quote those annoying NFL Shop ads, "the champ is here."
2 Clemson Tigers Clemson played a pretty good game, but they were no match for the LSU band and "Neck" (and also the football team).
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State fans should feel a bit less bad about the loss to Clemson given how Monday's game went.
4 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia's loss to LSU has really been put in perspective over the past couple weeks.
5 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State beat a very good Memphis team and ends the season in my top five.
6 Alabama Crimson Tide A strong showing by Alabama against an over-matched Michigan team.
7 Oklahoma Sooners Yikes.
8 Baylor Bears A respectable loss keeps Baylor inside my top 10.
9 Florida Gators Florida managed to take down Virginia to win the Orange Bowl.
10 Oregon Ducks Oregon rounds out my top 10 after their narrow win over Wisconsin.
11 Wisconsin Badgers Two teams with very even records and a very even game yields two teams with even rankings.
12 Minnesota Golden Gophers Minnesota defeated Auburn and finishes a great season on a high note.
13 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa trounced USC and jumps to be with their B1G West brethren.
14 Memphis Tigers Memphis played a great game against Penn State, but wasn't able to pull out the win.
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame's solid bowl win lands them a spot in my top 15.
16 Michigan Wolverines A rough loss to Alabama drops the Wolverines.
17 Appalachian State Mountaineers Appalachian State had a good bowl win to cap a great season.
18 Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati really got screwed with their bowl pairing, huh?
19 Texas Longhorns Is Texas back??
20 Auburn Tigers A loss to a good Minnesota drops the Tigers to the edge of my top 20.
21 Navy Midshipmen The American has a strong showing in my poll, largely because they're very good.
22 Air Force Falcons With Boise State's rough loss, it's Air Force that carries the mantle for the Mountain West.
23 North Dakota State Bison Look, I don't know what you folks want out of an FCS school to put them in the top 25, but if an undefeated season isn't it, I'm not really sure what is.
24 Utah Utes Oof.
25 FAU Owls I really didn't know who else to put here, tbh.

Submitted: Thu 16 Jan 2020 04:58