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Rank Team Reason
1 LSU Tigers was already my number 1 and won the natty moderately easily, perfect
2 Clemson Tigers did put up a good fight at first, seems a good #2
3 Ohio State Buckeyes close lost to clemson makes this one harder, but they did lose and everything else was quite close (records wise obviously strength of schedule def has clemson way lower)
4 Georgia Bulldogs nice win to finish off the season against a top 10 baylor at the time
5 Oregon Ducks close but great win against wisconsin
6 Florida Gators idk they won an expected game
7 Oklahoma Sooners oof got hurts a bit in that game against LSU, like real bad
8 Wisconsin Badgers dont want to drop much it was so close
9 Alabama Crimson Tide closely ranked team but they destryoyed them, close first half at least?
10 Minnesota Golden Gophers although auburns record doesnt look amazing they were a good team so great finish for minny
11 Penn State Nittany Lions got the eh G5 matchup but the game was decently close if not for the 2nd quarter lol
12 Baylor Bears unfortunate end to a great year
13 Auburn Tigers 4 losses to #1, #4, #6, and #10 def the difference between them and lsu, but at least beat bamba at #9
14 Notre Dame Fighting Irish wrecked ISU idk
15 Iowa Hawkeyes big looking win against usc
16 Memphis Tigers at least made it to the big bowls, and showed up pretty well
17 Utah Utes dont want to lose to texas this year, especially by 28
18 Michigan Wolverines still having issues against top tier teams
19 Cincinnati Bearcats BC was def outclassed
20 Appalachian State Mountaineers crazy a sun belt team did so well
21 Navy Midshipmen close one, but running teams do that 
22 Air Force Falcons beat my cougars pretty easily, oof
23 Boise State Broncos got wrecked by UW, glad we got petersen to leave finally , maybe
24 Texas Longhorns looked grreat in the loss to LSU, and in this win, other things happened in between
25 Texas A&M Aggies traded spots with oklahoma state basically, rough schedule this year, 5 losses, against #2, #8, #13, #4, and #1. then against beat no one who was too great (oklahoma WAS ranked so that is a thing) 

Submitted: Wed 15 Jan 2020 00:42