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2022 Week 3 Washington State Cougars Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
dabul-master 6
AlphaH4wk 7
Daigotsu 10
ToeInDigDeep 11 17-14 over Wisconsin, my #13 last week
studio_sally 12
T-Thugs 12 Washington State is 2-0 and they have a really nice win over Wisconsin as their best win.
Bank_Gothic 13
cfbguy 13
ACCBiggz 14
olmsted 14
ScarletFever333 14
chweris 16
AllHawkeyesGoToHell 17
tks231 17
311polo 18
GilBrandt 18
StevvieV 18
HelioOne 19
Lex_Ludorum 19
thegreendalegelf 19
darkra01 20
Inkblot9 20
digdat0 21
myghtymouse 21
turkishguy 21
Blazeth 22
CFBHurts 22
deadtofall12 22
I_am_bot_beep_boop 22
rain_parkour 22
RheagarTargaryen 22
UNC_Samurai 22
Corgi_Koala 23
corundum9 23
hypercube42342 23
orbania 23
relax_on_the_mat 23
Ch-i-ef 24 Wazzu: "Just gonna throw screen passes". Wisconsin: "Got it". Wazzu: (throws screen pass). Wisconsin: "Fooled again."
crownebeach 24 This might be a colossal overreaction, but I had thought very highly of Wisconsin coming in, and for Wazzu to go into Madison and stand strong against a very good offensive line was impressive. The offense is a bit of a question mark -- the Cougs have great athletes but Ward's decisions and accuracy are not clicking yet -- but this defense has great instincts and technique and held up to being on the field all afternoon.
JustAManAndHisLaptop 24
noahthearc 24
PalmettoFace 24
ikindalikelemons 25 At 25, like last week, there's plenty of options. For me, it came down to the more impressive win, and the Cougs winning in Madison just edged out Oregon State and Ole Miss. They might not stick here, but for now, they deserve it in my eyes.
jeedf 25
Sometimeswelose 25
tauzeta 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Fantastic-Calendar-9 17 LW: NR
just-regular-I-guess 17 I think I saw their flag on GameDay
RJEP22 17 (2-0) 31.045 points
jalexjsmithj 18
thatoneguyD13 18
MrOrcaDood 20 Good win over Wisconsin despite only rushing for 53 yards. Mostly in on resume.
Dontworryaboutit1 21 wisconsin is a good team. very impressive road win
10catsinspace 22
The_Good_Constable 22
colonel750 23 Wazzu's relatively decisive win over #19 Wisconsin also earned them a spot on my ballot this week.
entropy888 23
PSUMediaPA 23 A road win over the favorite for the Big Ten West? That catapults you into the Top 25 in my poll. WSU is a sleeper team for the PAC-12 title this season.
noffinater 24
PNW_Jeff 24
ThatStrangeGuyOverMe 24
Xarathustria 24
CheapTrickIsOkay 25
ImAndytimbo 25 Undefeated with a nice win over Wisconsin. Hopefully these two teams keep showing out.
KeThrowaweigh 25
mauliknshah 25
PolitiBob 25
RedassAddict 25
whereismysauerkraut 25
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

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Normal = after the AP poll was published

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