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2022 Week 3 Marshall Thundering Herd Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
tdoger 6
ACCBiggz 7
12panther 8
JohnWickStuntDouble 9
AlphaH4wk 10
cfbguy 11
Dropbackandpunt 11
ToeInDigDeep 12 26-21 over Notre Dame
dabul-master 13
digdat0 15
nbingham196 15
owl_man 15
realclean 15
T-nawtical 15
coogs35 16
HarbingerOfFun 16
Joester09 16
ndbroski 16
ShamusJohnson13 16 The mad lads did it.
aggiebruin27 17
GilBrandt 17
srs_house 17
Blooblod 18
DarkLegend64 18
Hackasizlak 18
hypercube42342 18
Meany_Vizzini 18 13.8, NR
practicallybert 18
Rakarei 18
royrules22 18
ScarletFever333 18
grjohnst 19
Inkblot9 19
MahjongDaily 19
Nathanael-Greene 19
orbania 19
peachios 19 we're thinking a great win against ND,
PHubbs 19
StevvieV 19
Helifino 20
Jakesnake42 20 67.73
mellolizard 20
Shrektastic28 20
ThaCarter 20
tks231 20
wameron 20
BallSoHerd 21
BigBoutros 21
Blazeth 21
BosskOnASegway 21
bretticus33 21 Marshall started off the shockwaves that was the Sun Belt's best day ever when they beat Notre Dame in South Bend. They were impressive on both offense and defense and fully earned that win. Marshall is a leading contender now for the G5's NY6 spot
Casaiir 21
Corporal_Hicks 21
Drexlore 21
DylanCarlson3 21 LW: UR
owlalwaysloveyew 21
SCRx 21
SpadeRyker 21
spsellers 21
strikersteve60 21
UNC_Samurai 21
VerySeriousBanana 21
wesman212 21
boxman151515 22
captain_sasquatch 22
Ch-i-ef 22 Marshall: "Just gonna run the ball". ND: "Got it". Marshall: (runs ball). ND: "Fooled again"...also ND get a QB
cinciforthewin 22
CockADoodleBOOM 22
falconlover79 22
Lex_Ludorum 22
T-Thugs 22 Marshall is 2-0 with their best win coming from beating Notre Dame on the road.
TDenverFan 22
teddythe3rd 22
The_Horse_Joke 22
arrowfan624 23
cornholesurfer 23
dicky_________seamus 23
huskerfan4life520 23
IceColdDrPepper_Here 23
JCiLee 23
jeedf 23
jjjoebox 23
monkeymatt1836 23
noahthearc 23
olmsted 23
outthawazoo 23
RavenclawWiz816 23
RollWarTideEagle 23
Ticklebump 23
WarEagle9 23
zacheiny 23
BamaPride95 24
CambodianDrywall 24
Cecil_Hardboner 24
Corgi_Koala 24
darkra01 24
DarthYoda2594 24 Probably a 1 week reward here
dasani3x 24
GeauxTri 24
ikindalikelemons 24 What a statement win for Coach Huff and the Herd. Respect the SBC (even first-year members).
jlh2b 24
joebob431 24
kflinderman 24
KJdkaslknv 24
Laschoni 24
lillipup03 24
MWiatrak2077 24 Wow. I'm still in shock. I know everyone's talking about the Texas A&M - Appalachian State game, but this is truly *the* upset of the week, if not entire year, for me. Not for a moment did Marshall looked scared, confused, or shellacked, - I've never seen such brass confidence in such a tough environment. To beat Notre Dame, the great blue blood, in their own stadium, - it would take a herculean climb of effort and determination. I used to follow Marshall fairly closely, up until the hire of Charles Huff, and the firing of former Head Coach Doc Holiday. Doc Holliday is a man, who, I thought did a perfectly respectable job at Marshall. He accrued an 85-54 record, he won his division three times, and won C-USA in 2014. Doc "parted ways" with Marshall after 2020, during which he led a respectable 7-3 record, and a trip to the C-USACG. However, that's only half the truth about Doc. 2020 Marshall started 7-0, but lost three consecutive games to end the season, including a 0-20 shutout from Rice. Marshall, a once perennial 12-2/13-1 program in the 90s and early 00's, was reduced to a mediocre 8-5/9-4 season every year, where anytime they faced a team with a pulse, they would lose by large margins. Charles Huff, current HC, came in and went 7-6 during his first year, a perfectly fine record for any new coach, but one that I considered underwhelming, - of course, 4 out of 6 losses were by less than a score, and with 4 of them being to 9+ win teams, - but still, I didn't think much of it. Just another run-of-the-mill fuck up hire for some G5 team, where they ousted a good and respectable coach whom they could not appreciate, - I was very, very wrong. Marshall blasted Norfolk State 55-3 in week one to set up this game against Notre Dame, a juggernaut who was expected to make a run for an NY6 bowl/playoffs this year. Very quickly it became clear that the Marshall players, coaches, and namely Coach Huff, were not fucking around. A 0-0 first quarter proved that Marshall was not to be taken lightly, and at the start of the second quarter, after a 79 yard drive, Marshall RB Khalan Laborn ran the football into the endzone to take the first score of the day, Marshall up 6-0. Notre Dame would respond with a TD of their own 10 minutes later, but Marshall remained calm, smart, and quick, as they answered with a FG before the end of the half to take a 9-7 lead at halftime. At this point, Notre Dame fans and the CFB world alike was dumbfounded, - Marshall? The small school from West Virginia, beating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish? Unthinkable. Another dogfight in the third quarter led to a mostly scoreless affair, however near the end, Marshall secured another FG, ending it a 3-0 quarter, and a continued Marshall lead, up 12-7. Finally, the air broke in the early fourth quarter, - Notre Dame QB Tyler Buchner led the Fighting Irish 66 yards to run the ball in at the 1, and retook a 15-12 lead. "Okay, this is where Notre Dame takes control and our dreams are dashed", I thought. However, from the yelling and coordinating on the Marshall sideline, it was clear that was not the plan for them today. Marshall came to Notre Dame, not to just have an experience, not to grab a million from TV money, but to win. They came to win. In the face of this, Marshall QB Henry Colombi and still-star RB Khalan Laborn calmly and methodically drove the ball down the field, including several whiffed tackles and juked legs from the Notre Dame defense, to toss the ball into the endzone and take a 19-15 lead at the 5:16 mark. "Oh shit, this is really happening", - me. At this point, the stadium quiet, except from the rousing of the Marshall fans who travelled all the way to Indiana just to attend this game, Tyler Buchner looks scared and frazzled, HC Marcus Freeman looks stressed beyond belief, and, through methodical and paced work, Marshall had sucked all the life out of Notre Dame. Tyler Buchner started the next drive with a few dink-and-dunks, but never looked poised to storm the field and retake the victory from the jaws of defeat. Instead, with 4:40 left on the clock, Buchner shotguns the ball to his man on the left side, but Marshall CB Steven Gilmore comes flying in, seals the pick, and returns it for a score. 26-15. Marshall. It was over. Yes, Notre Dame did score again before the game ended, but it was over. The Marshall Thundering Herd of Huntington, West Virginia defeated the almighty Notre Dame Fighting Irish 26-21, much to the rouse of the College Football world, and to the dismay of Notre Dame fans. The great Irish were favored by nearly 22 points, had an 89% chance of victory per ESPN's FPI, and joined only 2007 Michigan and 2016 Florida State as the only preseason top-5 AP teams to fall to 0-2, - Marcus Freeman is the first coach in Notre Dame history to fall to 0-3 through their first three games. On September 10th, 2022, Marshall showed the world that it's not a program to be pushed over. That Head Coach Charles Huff is here to build a new program, one that can win the big games, take the conference titles, and show up prepared on every Saturday.
myghtymouse 24
nburt13 24
NyquillusDillwad20 24
RegionalBias 24 (Then) ranked win on the road
relax_on_the_mat 24
RiffRamBahZoo 24
Sometimeswelose 24
SteemieRayVaughn 24
Striker743 24 NR
tdeff19 24
thegreendalegelf 24
TheReformedBadger 24
thomasosu 24
TopGoose 24
Xtremeloco 24
Zloggt 24
Branzilla91 25
bties 25
buckeyes75 25
ChargerFan2121 25 Rank on my Computer Poll: 91 Computer Poll: UCLA
CptCheese 25
GoBlueScrewOSU7 25
icklebush 25
MoneyManeVick 25
Mr_Brews 25
not_folie 25
nw____ 25 Are they the 25th best team? No. I'm willing to let this ranking shake itself out-- they deserve credit for what they just did!
Polarbear1914 25
RheagarTargaryen 25
TheJeemTeam 25 Welcome to the rankings for now at least for beating ND
turkishguy 25
ucieaters33 25
vanburen1845 25 maybe they're just good right? right?

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
BertGallagher 13
Huntkv 13
camryn_16 14
whereismysauerkraut 14
mcfly97 15
RJEP22 15 (2-0) 31.857 points
Spacesurfer6 16
PNW_Jeff 17
RaceScottRace 17
zachismadewell 17
Phillyfan3 18
ClemNation 19
mthompson2320 19
romulusjsp 19
shadowwingnut 19 Went to Notre Dame and bullied them. Until someone not highly ranked does it they deserve to be here.
Amane_VIII 20
fredmerc111 20
ImAndytimbo 20 They have looked dominant in their games so far, can't wait to see what they do next
madskillzmatt 20
TwoStepCEO 20
70277027 21
dtynes10 21
Loopylime 21
MrOrcaDood 21 Exposed Notre Dame's run defense and putrid offense. Have nothing tough until Coastal a lot later on.
Muffinnnnnnn 21
59brad 22
Fantastic-Calendar-9 22 LW: NR
FourteenClocks 22
Guhraffe 22
itsnotnews92 22
JamoRedhead 22
Jaymoney00 22
RedassAddict 22
rocco2246 22
Ruhrgebietheld 22
WitchKing17 22
Xarathustria 22
Butternades 23
coletheredditer 23
jalexjsmithj 23
JustinMSU21 23
Matthias382 23
notsmartprivate 23
ObjectOnBroadway 23
Sflabuckeye13 23
True_Ad5324 23 Deserves to be ranked after big win
Archaic_1 24
BananaBouquet 24
brucewaynewins 24
Dravens19 24
MaxMan1300 24 Ditto, if you dont like them being #24 I challenge you to make a strong argument as to who else you would have take these two spots from app state and marshall
newSomberMan 24
TheFalconGuy 24
zachw900 24
Cooliamabeast 25
Dan20698 25
DownshiftGD 25
dusklord1 25 Ranking them on principle
Is_Flacco_Elite 25
JBonkies 25
KyleAg06 25
LamarcusAldrige1234 25
mathmanhale 25
maxwell6233 25
Megalomanizac 25
mmaxey14 25
NanoBuc 25
PSUMediaPA 25 Defeating Notre Dame on the road is no small feat. They join Appalachian State in the rankings.
Pure_Protein_Machine 25
samspopguy 25
sconbon 25
SonOfSvens 25
Steelthornn 25
thatoneguyD13 25 Win over ND deserves a spot here, 22 to around 35 is VERY close.
TheBeekman8 25
TommyTwoTaps 25 secured the bag and beat a quality team in ND
WBLwiffleball 25
zacjacobson 25
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Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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