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2022 Week 3 UCLA Bruins Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
DataDrivenPirate 12
Lex_Ludorum 12
aggiebruin27 13
Jakesnake42 15 68.48
_fastball 16
DrKennethJNoisewater 18
eclectic_tastes 20
MrTheSpork 20
MWiatrak2077 21 Hear me once, hear me again: UCLA is good this year. I'll carry the mantle of the Bruins' 2022 hype, even if UCLA fans themselves don't want to. This week, the Bruins faced the mighty Hornets of Alabama State, whom they romped in a 45-7 win. They gained 485 yards of offense, forced three turnovers, and reduced their own TO margin to just one. Now, you might say, "UCLA didn't cover, and it was just Alabama State", and that's statistically true. However, superstar RB Zach Charbonnet didn't even play this week, and star QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson played less than a half, to which he enumerated 1 TD, 0 INT, 9/11 passing, 101 yards, 9.2 Y/A. I'm waiting for PAC-12 play to open, but I feel like Chip Kelly has finally found his men to running his blazing-fast offensive scheme. The OLine play looks much improved, allowing zero sacks, and the defense appears to be finding themselves gelling as a cohesive unit. On September 30th, they face Washington in the Rose Bowl, in a game that could have serious PAC-12 title implications, and I heavily believe that UCLA's fast, fun offense will overpower the Huskies new found defense on national TV.
52hoova 24
Daigotsu 24
plannedsickdays 24
badgers4194 25
Helifino 25
placid_salad 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Amane_VIII 12
grahamca 16
thatoneguyD13 19
dustingibson 20
ianmcmoney 21
sconbon 21
DownshiftGD 22
shadowwingnut 25 Just consider this a placeholder until they play someone.
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