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2022 Week 3 Minnesota Golden Gophers Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
_fastball 10
bakonydraco 12 78.92
MWiatrak2077 12 You may potentially be asking yourself, "what the fuck? Minnesota 12th? who is this loser?", and while I don't think anybody is actually going to read any of this: let me explain. P.J. Fleck inherited a program, that while not in disarray, looked very far behind its competitors, and didn't seem they would ever compete for a B1G title. Fleck's inaugural season, Minnesota had a talent composite (per, of 535.44, which ranked 12th in the Big Ten. Starting his Minnesota career with a tumultuous 10-13 record, things looked worrying, Minnesota missed a bowl game for the first time in 6 years in 2017, and was on the verge of missing another one in the 2018 season, with a 5-6 record, here's what happened next. Minnesota had to face long time rival, Wisconsin, who had beaten Minnesota in 14 straight attempts, dating back to 2003. In 2017, Wisconsin had shutout Fleck's Gophers 31-0 in a route. To make a bowl game, Fleck would have to slay the Badgers for the first time in nearly 1.5 decades, - and he did it. A 37-15 victory in Camp Randall led to the Quick Lane Bowl, which Minnesota won 34-10 against Georgia Tech. Since that fateful day against Wisconsin, Minnesota has gone 27-10, or a 72.9% win percentage, their best since the 1960s. Anyway, back on topic, - Minnesota finally broke out in 2019, with an incredible 8-0 start (including a win over #4 Penn State), QB Tanner Morgan was posting incredible numbers with his newfound NFL receivers and offensive line, and soon-to-be-starter RB Mo Ibrahim was blossoming into one of the best RBs in the Big Ten - after a slightly disappointing loss to Wisconsin, Minnesota defeated Auburn in the Outback Bowl to finish 11-2. Minnesota had hoped to run it back in 2020, however, the COVID year truly fucked up everything, - lack of practice, organization, and training camp led to an abysmal 3-4 year, however Minnesota had retained a veteranized senior class for 2021. Minnesota started their 2021 campaign against Ohio State, where Mo Ibrahim and Morgan got off to hot starts, taking a 21-17 lead midway through the 3rd quarter. However, disaster struck when Mo Ibrahim who had rushed for 161 yards and 1 TD at this point, got severely injured in the mid 3rd quarter, and would remain out for the entire season. Minnesota lost to OSU 45-31. Things looked grim after a humiliating upset at the hands of Bowling Green, in a dismal 14-10 loss, - however, Minnesota continued to win, and came within seconds of beating Iowa for the first time since 2014, but without their star RB, it was futile. However, they ended the season on a positive note, upsetting Wisconsin (who would've faced Michigan in Indy with a win), and winning the Guaranteed Rate Bowl against West Virginia, finishing their season 9-4. Anyway, onto now: Mo Ibrahim has returned, as has super-senior Tanner Morgan, both of which have looked extremely sharp, former-OC Kirk Ciarrocca, who captained a 34.1 PPG offense in 2019, has returned after leaving for Penn State between 2020-2021. Despite being an easy opponent, Minnesota has looked extremely potent in their first two games, completely throttling Western Illinois 62-10 in their first 60pt game since 2006, - they outgained the Leathernecks 679-194, as Mo Ibrahim rushed for 130 yards, 2 TDs, on a 5.7 YPC. With Iowa and Wisconsin's recent losses to ISU and WSU, respectively, Minnesota looks primed to make a run for Indy, - Minnesota will travel to East Lansing in two weeks to open up their Big Ten play, and if they come out with a win, they should be regarded as the overwhelming favorites to win the Big Ten West. Their current talent composite is now 649.53, which looks to be the best in team history. P.J. Fleck has done a wonderful job with this blooming program, and, barring disaster, I believe will join the Iowa/Wisconsin tier of teams, and will contend for the foreseeable future.
BigBoutros 13
ThePelvicWoo 13 Boring but effective
BlueFalcon89 14 Does PJ finally have a B1G West champion?
Daigotsu 14
Charlemagne42 15 Computer ranking: 23
The_Horse_Joke 15
ItsAesthus 16
RobertNeyland 16
CommodoreN7 17
crownebeach 17 I have upgraded Minnesota to division favorite. I really like these guys, especially on offense.
dabul-master 17
ScarletFever333 17
Sometimeswelose 17
Staind075 17
52hoova 18
bwburke94 18
DataDrivenPirate 18
Foxmcbowser42 18
noahthearc 18
yarrine11 18
12panther 19
dicky_________seamus 19
jjjoebox 19
typicaliconoclast 19
corundum9 20
digdat0 20
EpicSchwinn 20
Hobbes_121 20
I_am_bot_beep_boop 20
rain_parkour 20
RheagarTargaryen 20
crimsonlaw 21
Helifino 21
PHubbs 21
Conglossian 22 +2
kflinderman 22
KJdkaslknv 22
LeWoofle 22 Im high on Minnesota, and I believe conference play will prove that they should be higher than 22.
monkeymatt1836 22
placid_salad 22
r0sco 22
spsellers 22
ThaCarter 22
BosskOnASegway 23
DisraeliEers 23
DrKennethJNoisewater 23
lillipup03 23
plannedsickdays 23
tmothy07 23
Fmeson 24
royrules22 24
cinciforthewin 25
grjohnst 25
Our-Gardian-Angel 25 Both SP+ and FPI peg Minnesota as a top-25 team, even if the pollsters don't (yet). Even if they've played a couple cupcakes, the Gophers still don't usually obliterate even inferior teams the way they have thus far. This might be the best team of the PJ Fleck era in the Twin Cities and they don't have Mike Sanford dragging them down as offensive coordinator. No one should be surprised if they emerge as Big Ten West champions this year. (Week 2: Minnesota 62, Western Illinois 10; Record: 2-0)
tdeff19 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Amane_VIII 2
grahamca 6
RJEP22 9 (2-0) 34.894 points
Ruhrgebietheld 11
zachismadewell 11
mcdsmaster8824 13
Huntkv 14
CanAWoodChuckChuck 15
Spacesurfer6 15
BearsAreGreat1 16
Dawg-Bite 17 This team is gonna win the Big 10 West
JBonkies 18
notsmartprivate 19
bethe2ndmouse 20
buckeye4249 20
Cooliamabeast 20
FourteenClocks 20
jaybigs 20
PolitiBob 20
RedassAddict 20
JustinMSU21 21
mthompson2320 21
samspopguy 21
Dan20698 22
MrOrcaDood 22 Looking like the favorites in the B1G West. Will beat up Colorado next week, then the MSU game should tell us a lot about who they are.
Megalomanizac 23
PaulMSURon 23
perspicacious_crumb 23
Guhraffe 24
the_lost_carrot 24
TimHowardsHands 24
TwoStepCEO 24
mill1634 25 Dropped: Notre Dame (8), Florida (13), Wisconsin (15), Pitt (18) Next best: Notre Dame, Florida, Oregon State, Oregon, Marshall
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Green = Hybrid

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