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2022 Week 3 Texas A&M Aggies Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Fmeson 8
CptCheese 10
Buckeyes2010 11
wesman212 11
ThaCarter 12
jlh2b 14
sasmith2015 15
ALStark69 17 -10
ChargerFan2121 17 Rank on my Computer Poll: 107 Computer Poll: Syracuse
dan4223 17
Hobbes_121 17
SportingMoose 17
12panther 18
mellolizard 19
rain_parkour 19 For whatever reason, I still view them as a top-20 team until they lose game 2. I question my sanity too
ThePelvicWoo 19 Beta_Rank number 11. I think this team is probably ass but we'll wait for the model to confirm
aggiebruin27 20
G-Aardvark 20
ikindalikelemons 20 My biggest issue with A&M is that for all the talent that's on this roster, there's not a single QB on it that I trust. That was very apparent against an admittedly oft-underrated App State team. It may get worse. They hang on, unlike ND, Wisconsin, or Pitt because of said talent level.
PumpSmash 22
Cassiyus 23
crownebeach 23 Everything wrong with A&M could be solved by a better quarterback and a coach who wasn't fundamentally skeptical of running an aggressive offense; the pieces are all there, and the defense is as good as advertised. They're just not going to put all those pieces together unless they fall backward into a great quarterback somehow.
cyclonepsycho 23
EpicSchwinn 23
JaxofAllTrades13 23
Laschoni 23
PromEmperorHarbaugh 23
Red261 23
scronko 23
SCRx 23
ShamusJohnson13 23 All that talent and hype and you still blew it 2007 Michigan style. I'm impressed. Jimbo Fischer is holding this team back.
teddythe3rd 23
TopGoose 23
arrowfan624 24
bretticus33 24 How much of his massive payday does Jimbo Fisher owe to Jameis Winston? The Aggie offense is anemic and Haynes King isn't the answer at QB. They lost not just the game and $1.5 million to App State but they lost any margin for error in their CFP dreams, and possibly their NY6 dreams. Miami is an absolute must win now.
captain_sasquatch 24
chweris 24
Hackasizlak 24
IAmAChemicalEngineer 24
Nathanael-Greene 24
nemoran 24
physedka 24
TrojanMan35T 24
DarthYoda2594 25 Of all the week 2 loss teams, still have the most faith in them to figure it out on offense. Keeping them around for now
JeromesNiece 25
Longvols 25
molodyets 25
Omegaus492 25
Texasagsman 25
thexraptor 25
thomasosu 25
tks231 25
Zloggt 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
ObjectOnBroadway 12
PaulMSURon 16
SonOfSvens 16
ianmcmoney 17
TimHowardsHands 17
hershculez 18
russdb 19 lost to app state
TheBeekman8 19
just-regular-I-guess 20 Their offense continues to be locked in the locker room
KyleAg06 20 Saw this coming the moment we scheduled them. These are always the type of games we lose.
NanoBuc 20
Terminal_BAS 20
the_lost_carrot 20
the_neverdoctor 20
diehardcubforever 21
GoCardinals74 21
IMissMW2Lobbies 21
Xarathustria 21
ch1l1_ch33s3 22
Due_Connection179 22 How do you fall from #5 to #22? You lose at home to a G5 school while only putting up 14 points. Another season and another Jimbo disappointing loss. I had a lot of faith in A&M, but they need to dig themselves out of the Appalachian sized hole they dug themselves.
Hugefootballfan44 22
PSUMediaPA 22 Appalachian State's crazy loss last week should have given the Aggies time to prepare. Now they have to run the table to get to the playoff.
ActuallyJasonPrice 23
dtynes10 23
Harpua99 23
losbullitt 23
mauliknshah 23
mill1634 23
zacjacobson 23
AnAngryPanda1 24
giveupanddie 24
guttata 24
iDevourer 24
LamarcusAldrige1234 24
ManiacalBlazer 24
tapswitch 24
thatoneguyD13 24 Still think this is a good team, but couldn't really justify any higher.
WBLwiffleball 24
whereismysauerkraut 24
WitchKing17 24
Dravens19 25
fredmerc111 25
Jaymoney00 25
secoja8 25
True_Ad5324 25 Even with the bad upset they’re still a top 25 team.
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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