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2016 Preseason Washington State Cougars Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
TotalEconomist 1
Mr_Metagross 13
myghtymouse 13
sunburn_on_the_brain 16 I'm higher on this team than most.  Leach has been steadily building this roster and he's got a bunch of guys now who can run this offense the way he wants to.  The question will be if the defense can get off the field against the more physical teams on their schedule.
LEGEN--wait_for_it 17
goblue10 18 Mike Leach is a wizard.
HelioOne 18
monotonemr 18
BallSoHerd 19
gsuhooligan 19
ToxicSteve13 19
was_saying_boo_urns 19 Fuck it. Goin' deep.
diastereomer 20
MammothMan34 20
RiffRamBahZoo 20
SpeedxKills 20
ack30297 21
Cheeseish 21
DafoeFoSho 21
deadtofall12 21
Fifth_Down 21
jeedf 21
spsellers 21
AllHawkeyesGoToHell 22 This team broke through and had a great season last year, returns key players and has one of the best coaches in the game. While probably not a Top 10 or 15 team, they have the ability to have a good season. 
aubieismyhomie 22
GiveMeSomeRaptorNews 22
Hummer77x 22
PalmettoFace 22
SenorPuff 22
tabelz 22 Who knows in a tough division if the Cougs repeat their secretly awesome year? I don't, but I respect them and their secret-decency.
MrTheSpork 23
PureCFR 23
TopheryG8er 23
52hoova 24
AaronRodgers16 24
Acm0028 24
Atoodope 24
coreyfra 24
No_Way_Pablo 24
pmartin0079 24
remwin 24
WarEagle9 24
Daigotsu 25
Emperor_of_Orange 25
gohuskies 25 Luke Falk is really, really good (70% completion percentage last year!). Front 7 is almost all new - we will see how their run D holds up - the secondary looks pretty solid. I don't know if last year was fluky or not, but the Pac-12 North race should be exciting!
JonesUCF34 25
kamikazeguy 25
WaffleIron278 25

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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