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1 Georgia Bulldogs It finally happened. You conquered your demons and won the day. Congrats Georgia; you're national champions!
2 Alabama Crimson Tide Clearly you didn't throw enough screen plays. 20 more and you would have won!
3 Michigan Wolverines Despite sacrificing yourself in the annual semifinal beatdown game, this was Michigan's best season in years. Jim Harbaugh haters be damned.
4 Cincinnati Bearcats Your defense help up amazingly well against a good Bama team. Your offense (Desmond Ridder) did not get the memo.
5 Baylor Bears Baylor had an amazing turn around this year. It's too bad Matt Corral went down though; would have been a much better bowl game.
6 Oklahoma State Cowboys 1 inch from a playoff sport and you lose your great DC. Rough way to look at the season though. A 12 win season, beating OU, and winning your bowl game are all traits to a great season!
7 Ohio State Buckeyes Losing a lot of offensive production going into next season, but you get Oklahoma State's great DC and CJ Stroud will try and take the next step in his game. Curious how this team will look.
8 Michigan State Spartans Got a good head coach, won your bowl game, and beat Michigan. Good season Sparty!
9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Biggest blown lead in Notre Dame history. Oof. That's rough, but when will you join a conference? All the cool kids are doing it!
10 Oklahoma Sooners Well this season has been...wild to say the least. Beating up an overrated Oregon team helps with the confidence going into the offseason, but this team will look completely different by the start of the next.
11 Ole Miss Rebels What could have been if Matt Corral wasn't injured...
12 Utah Utes Hold your heads high Utes. Despite all the tragedy and the rough start to the season, you fought back, made it to and won the Pac12 Championship, and had an amazing game at the Rose Bowl. It was a great season!
13 Pittsburgh Panthers Even with their great season, Pitt decided to hold off their choking until the very end of their bowl game. Hate to see it.
14 Clemson Tigers Clemson always comes back. It is inevitable...but you might want to find an upgrade at QB
15 Wake Forest Demon Deacons An outstanding season with a remarkable win against a strong bowl opponent in...Rutgers?...huh
16 Houston Cougars Houston killed the Bo Nix era. Let it be known.
17 Kentucky Wildcats Ranking Kentucky higher in these polls compared to their basketball polls. You love to see it.
18 Arkansas Razorbacks A great season by Arkansas. Looks like they're finally on the rise again.
19 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Imagine being Texas and RUINING what would have been the Cajuns perfect season.
20 NC State Wolfpack And you don't even get to face the sissy blue shirts. Sad
21 BYU Cougars Turns out it was actually UAB who didn't want you.
22 Utah State Aggies What a turnaround by Blake Anderson to get Utah State a double digit win season! Congrats Aggies!
23 Oregon Ducks Man did the Ducks have a terrible end to their season. Their QB became a liability to which they dropped 3 straight games because of him. However, you're getting a massive upgrade by getting...(checks notes)...Bo Nix. Oh yeah, it's all coming together.
24 Iowa Hawkeyes The Hawkeyes fell off hard. Turns out you can't rely on your defense to win every game.
25 San Diego State Aztecs Punt God didn't get Heisman, the NCAA is rigged!

Submitted: Thu 13 Jan 2022 04:03