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Overall Rationale:
A blend of Week 1 and 2 performances and preseason expectations (aka some poll inertia) as to not have a super volatile poll early on...once we get about 4-5 games in this will look at lot more like a resume poll. Very arbitrary early on I'll admit but fun still.

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide Last Week: 1
2 Georgia Bulldogs Last Week: 2
3 Iowa Hawkeyes Best overall resume in the Nation to the point by far probably boost them way up.Last Week: 9
4 Oregon Ducks I didn't think too highly of the Ducks entering the season but they proved me wrong by beating Ohio State. Chaos thank god.Last Week: 21
5 Oklahoma Sooners Tulane struggle has them below Iowa and Oregon.Last Week: 5
6 Texas A&M Aggies Struggle vs. Colorado has them fall below OU again as OU's struggle was why TAMU jumped them to start with. Last Week: 4
7 Penn State Nittany Lions Last Week: 7
8 Cincinnati Bearcats Last Week: 8
9 Clemson Tigers Last Week: 10
10 Ohio State Buckeyes Clemson AND Ohio State already lost?!?! Elite tbh.Last Week: 3
11 Florida Gators Last Week: 11
12 UCLA Bruins Last Week: 16
14 Virginia Tech Hokies I was at Lane...that first half was some ass VT. But hey we won. BLACK DIAMOND TROPHY WEEK!!!Last Week: 14
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish This team does *not* look good so far, so they keep falling.Last Week: 12
16 Ole Miss Rebels Last Week: 17
17 Wisconsin Badgers Last Week: 18
18 BYU Cougars Finally a win over Utah!Last Week: NR
19 Michigan Wolverines Made Washington look like a joke...impressive stuff so far this the year???Last Week: NR
20 Arizona State Sun Devils Last Week: 19
21 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Last Week: 21
22 Auburn Tigers Beat the piss out of bad team....not everyone can say that *looks at Notre Dame*...Last Week: NR
23 North Carolina Tar Heels Last Week: 23
24 Iowa State Cyclones Looked bad vs Iowa and struggled vs UNI...they are gonna have to prove themselves to me again now....they'll have their chances.Last Week: 6
25 UCF Knights Similar story to Auburn which is funny enough considering who coaches at UCF now lol.Last Week: NRDropped out: #13 Texas, #15 USC (lol Clay), #22 Utah, #24 Minnesota, #25 Montana

Submitted: Tue 14 Sep 2021 04:26