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1 Alabama Crimson Tide Bama will be Bama.
2 Georgia Bulldogs Easy next 2 games while they figure out the QB fiasco. Hopefully it only takes 2 games...
3 Iowa Hawkeyes Nobody watches Iowa for the offense anyway. They'll barely miss out on September Maryland so their next big challenge will be Penn State in a few weeks. Expect them to idle in the top 5 for a little while at least.
4 Oregon Ducks How elite is Fresno State? Does Oregon truly have their QB? Will Kayvon Thibodeaux play a snap this season? Will the ducks fall to the classic blunder that is Pac12 cannibalism? Find out next time!
5 Oklahoma Sooners Good bounce back game to build confidence for a sloppy team last week. We'll see soon enough if that defense really has improved...
6 Texas A&M Aggies Your starting QB was out with an injury and you faced a Colorado team a lot of people were underestimating; it was a sloppy bad game, but nothing to panic over...unless your QB is still out by your first conference game, then it might be time to panic.
7 Cincinnati Bearcats Bad first half, but you found your groove. Hope you can keep that groove with your next 4 games being Indiana, Notre Dame, Temple, and UCF. One of your toughest stretches in recent memory, but winning out here will make it near impossible to keep you out of the CFB playoffs...or just getting stuck at #5 while a 2 loss Big Ten or 2 loss SEC team passes you.
8 Penn State Nittany Lions I'm still not sold on that offense, but Auburn also has a questionable offense. Both teams will get a true test with gameday coming to town.
9 Clemson Tigers I know how good Georgia's defense is, but your offense is still shaky against weaker opponents. We really won't know to what extent since their schedule is so damn easy. Maybe Pitt does its usual scare like it does with a lot of teams, but I really don't see how the Tigers lose another game unless they completely fall apart. 
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish And here I was thinking Florida State is actually on the upward trend...well, no time to rest with Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, and UNC on the horizon. 
11 Ohio State Buckeyes I think Oklahoma can lend you their 'Defenses for Dummies' book they've used for a few years. They might need it back though. Also, make sure to bookmark the chapter that describes the left side of the field. You're really going to need to study that chapter.
12 Florida Gators I see Florida is still trying to get into the wild sensation known as the forward pass. Luckily you still have time to practice with your next opponent only being...Alabama...have FUN!
13 UCLA Bruins Sissy Blue Shirts enjoying the week off and sliding up the power rankings for no reason.
14 Ole Miss Rebels Offense good. Defense TBD
15 BYU Cougars BYU beats up their Utah rivals, and all they had to do was join a P5 conference!
16 Virginia Tech Hokies Ranking overreactions still going strong!
17 Arkansas Razorbacks Gave Texas a friendly welcome to the SEC. Very kind of them.
18 Auburn Tigers Careful now Bo Nix, keep this up and people will start to think that you're a competent QB. Luckily, an upcoming brutal SEC schedule should extinguish any hopes and dreams fans might have had
19 Maryland Terrapins September Maryland is still the best football team in America!
20 Arizona State Sun Devils A Pac12 team not struggling against much weaker non P5 opponents??? Someone didn't get the memo.
21 UCF Knights Can't wait to see all the hype as UCF being the best team in Florida after FSU self destructed and Bama breaking several of the Geneva Conventions against UF next week.
22 Wisconsin Badgers 2 Wisconsin QB's going head to head. One team must win and be overrated while the other team must lose and be told that everyone knew they were overrated all along.
23 North Carolina Tar Heels Looked like the team they were supposed to be last week. We'll see how they end up...
24 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers This team beats up their schedule in their sleep until they have to wake up for App State, then they can go back to sleep, cruising through their schedule. I'd say Liberty is the only other G5 team with a chance of going undefeated, we'll see who pulls it off
25 Iowa State Cyclones That was bad...enjoy another 9-3 season!

Submitted: Sun 12 Sep 2021 19:10