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1 Alabama Crimson Tide covid off week 
2 Ohio State Buckeyes covid off week 
3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish i feel they havent had an off week in a while, so nice rest before UNC. no trap game for them against BC like "normal" as the media kept wanting to tell us
4 Clemson Tigers covid off week (I think maaybe just a normal one)
5 Texas A&M Aggies covid off week . yes I know Jimbo fischer is their coach now and not sumlin :D just in case you read these this week
6 Florida Gators in our exciting SEC game of the week (def was the game of the week no other reason) florida did extremely well. trask showing off and getting some heisman lookers
7 BYU Cougars normal off week before some real tough competition next week. this fight with cincy will be interesting (not that they play)
8 Cincinnati Bearcats maybe it is because covid or michigan being the dallas cowboys of college but rarely hear much on cicny who is really doing well this year (though I guess they are G5 so maybe I wouldn't hear about them anyways)
9 Indiana Hoosiers exciting top 10 matchup this weekend! that is weird to say for indy. love the penix
10 Miami Hurricanes nice comeback, real close game but miami does seem to be on possib;e track to a ny6 type bowl hopefully can continue its fun having good miami
11 Georgia Bulldogs covid off week I believe
12 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers off this week, but nice matchup against app state this weekend will be a nice test again
13 Marshall Thundering Herd we have a lot of fun G5 teams undefeated. I'm sure its partly cause no p5 matchups but still marshall doing real well on that sad anniversary
14 Northwestern Wildcats these guys might be shooting up the rankings if things keep going this way. wisconsin game this week will be interesting
15 Wisconsin Badgers continuing to show that 1 they have a football team 2 they do have a qb and 3 michigan is bad
16 Oklahoma State Cowboys bedlam week! pulling for you guys (were off this week)
17 Oregon Ducks started a little slow, or maybe wsu can only play well first halves D: but puled it out in the end pretty well
18 Iowa State Cyclones off
19 Oklahoma Sooners off before another bye win to get to the b12 championship probably (sorry about the joke osu I just am sad they always do this and have to joke)
20 Liberty Flames gotta continue ranking them with nice wins. ncstate will be a decent p5 test again, liberty has quite a few games against acc so have some decent wins that other g5's dont.
21 Tulsa Golden Hurricane I had smu ranked so tulsa getting the win is pretty big. the game against cincy in a few weeks will be real important (or maybe just a preview of the aac title)
22 North Carolina Tar Heels crazy comeback against wake. no defense on this team will be rough for the next two games with notre dame and miami. have some really bad losses that shouldn't have happened and might look worse this year due to it
23 Texas Longhorns i have them lagging behind some others, but off week anyways. big test against kansas this week (lul)
24 Auburn Tigers sec covid off week
25 USC Trojans unsure if they belong here as their wins have been real squeeky bum times, but wins are wins kinda? maybe. louisiana is my next team I believe

Submitted: Sun 15 Nov 2020 20:50