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hendarvich Ballot for 2023 Week 3

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Sept. 11, 2023, 3:51 p.m.

Overall Rationale: My poll started with a predictive/power ranking and will shift gradually through the course of the season to end with a resume based ranking. Missed last week due to travel so moves are relative to preseason. Dropped: Clemson, TCU, South Carolina, UTSA, Wisconsin, SMU

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs -
2 Michigan Wolverines - | Go Blue
3 Ohio State Buckeyes - | Even with the offense not looking a bit down they've still been taking care of business, not enough concerns to drop them yet
4 Florida State Seminoles +2
5 Washington Huskies +1
6 Penn State Nittany Lions +1
7 USC Trojans +4 | Still not sold on the defense but hard to deny Caleb Williams
8 Texas Longhorns +4 | Probably lower than most will have them. I'm still not sure on how much of this is a step forward by Texas vs a step back by Bama, but I could definitely be proven wrong
9 Kansas State Wildcats +1 | No longer my Big 12 favorite, still expect to see them in the CCG
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish +4 | Hartman is a game changer
11 Utah Utes -2 | Weird to drop a team with two P5 wins like this, but I have serious questions after that Baylor game. Not convinced the Florida game was worth much
12 Oregon State Beavers +3
13 Tennessee Volunteers - | Can't play with your food like that, Milton still looks like he has Milton problems
14 Alabama Crimson Tide -10 | Yikes, looks like a big drop off without Bryce. Based on the past decade I get why people will keep them in the top 10, but based on last year I don't see it. I don't think Saban is washed, but this team isn't it.
15 Oregon Ducks +2 | Shaky win over the best winless team in the country, not really sure what that counts for yet
16 Ole Miss Rebels +7 | Great win over Tulane, I think they're going be a contender for the SEC west this year
17 LSU Tigers -1 | Still don't get why they had so much preseason hype, pretty much performing as I expected so far
18 Duke Blue Devils NEW | DOOK DOOK DOOK (Likely the ACC runner up??)
19 North Carolina Tar Heels NEW | Boy does this sure look like another Mack Brown UNC team, but still two solid wins to start the season
20 UCLA Bruins +1 | Kind of hanging around from last year, don't think we learn anything until they play Utah
21 Colorado Buffaloes NEW | Not much to add right now, lot's has already been said about the Colorodeions, wait and see here
22 Oklahoma Sooners NEW | SMU is a very solid win, but not sure about this offense
23 Washington State Cougars NEW | Sure seems like the Coogs could hang in B1G play...
24 Miami Hurricanes NEW | We tried to warn you guys about Gattis, looking much better without him. Not sure how well this A&M win will age, but right now I'm intrigued
25 Tulane Green Wave -5 | Keeping them in! Loss was a lot closer than the score looks and I still have the wave as my winner for AAC. Guessing a lot of people will drop them this week and then bring them back later

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