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CharlemagneOfTheUSA Ballot for 2023 Week 3

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Sept. 10, 2023, 1:39 p.m.

Overall Rationale: Weeks 0-3: Vibes + results

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Movement: (0) - Still looking pretty solid, but obviously we have yet to see them in a real challenge.
2 Michigan Wolverines Movement: (0) - See Georgia
3 Florida State Seminoles Movement: (+1) - FSU still looks good, and they benefit from Alabama's loss.
4 Penn State Nittany Lions Movement: (+2) - Drew Allar is the real fucking deal. I'm liking what I'm seeing with Penn State so far. We'll see if it keeps on working in conference play!
5 USC Trojans Movement: (+2) - USC absolutely STOMPED their way to a 1-0 conference start. does Stanford suck? Sure, but being up 49-3 at the half is always pretty ludicrous.
6 Ohio State Buckeyes Movement: (-1) - OSU looks like they've found their QB, and this move down doesn't mean I don't believe in McCord. If OSU beats Notre Dame they will easily make it high up in this list.
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Movement: (+3) - Notre Dame looks legit with Hartman at the helm. A matchup with Ohio State looms ahead.
8 Washington Huskies Movement: (+1) - Washington continues to look pretty good!
9 Texas Longhorns Movement: (+11) - God I love seeing Alabama lose.
10 Oregon Ducks Movement: (-2) - Oregon definitely has some work it needs to do, but this game reminded me a lot of the WSU game last year. We'll see what this team is really up to when Deion rolls into town in two weeks.
11 Oregon State Beavers Movement: (+1) - Oregon State continues to look good!
12 North Carolina Tar Heels Movement: (-1) - UNC escape with their lives, but App State will never be an easy matchup. They definitely remain a step behind FSU for now in the ACC.
13 Kansas State Wildcats Movement: (+1) - K-State looked pretty good against Troy!
14 Utah Utes Movement: (-1) - In another edition of 'ranked team barely escapes with their lives,' Utah escapes Baylor. My lord does this team need Cam Rising back immediately.
15 Tennessee Volunteers Movement: (0) - Let's uh....let's pretend that the first half against Austin Peay didn't happen, okay?
16 LSU Tigers Movement: (0) - 72-10 is a pretty nice way to come back after a big loss!
17 Oklahoma Sooners Movement: (0) - A pretty good, but tough win against SMU should leave Oklahoma fans pretty happy with their start to the year.
18 Cincinnati Bearcats Movement: (+1) - I BELIEVE!! A big win against Pitt shows that Cincy isn't ready just yet to be out of the spotlight.
19 Ole Miss Rebels Movement: (+2) - Ole Miss may be lucky Pratt was hurt, but a ranked win is a ranked win!
20 Duke Blue Devils Movement: (+3) - Duke benefits here from some losses above them.
21 Alabama Crimson Tide Movement: (-18) - Alabama desperately needs to figure out if Milroe is their man, or if they need to go with something else, or they will be in a dire place for this season.
22 Colorado Buffaloes Movement: (NR) - I mean, at this point it's hard not to rank them.
23 Washington State Cougars Movement: (NR) - Go Cougs!
24 Miami Hurricanes Movement: (NR) - We'll see how long Cristobal lasts in the top 25 this time!
25 Tulane Green Wave Movement: (-7) - Tulane is still going to win a good number of games this year, but they really need to hope Pratt stays healthy, or they might struggle to come close to last year's miraculous season.

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