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jimbobbypaul Ballot for 2023 Week 3

Ballot Type: Computer

Submitted: Sept. 10, 2023, 12:40 p.m.

Overall Rationale: Thanks to u/sirgippy, the JB Rankings from make their way to the r/CFB Poll...and time to put my money where my mouth is, how good are these rankings actually, was the whole series just BS??? The JB Rankings are a computer model that, in a nutshell, gives you points for a win, takes away points for a loss, and divides your cumulative score by log(games played + 1). So every team starts out with 0 resume points which go up/down depending on how they play during the year. For each game, opponent record, opponent conference, at what point in the season the game was played, and scoring margin are taken into account. The model rewards you for playing a tough schedule. If you beat a great team, you get a lot of points. If you lose to a great team, you only lose a few points. If you beat a bad team, you only get a few points. If you lose to a bad team, you lose a lot of points. It's not accurate enough on its own until about week 5, so until then I'll be using last year's rankings and this year's rankings (according to my model) and averaging the two together for the first few weeks. This week it's ordered by 0.6 * LY + 0.4 * TY in ascending order. Time to see how accurate this "proprietary ranking algorithm" really is!

Rank Team Reason
1 USC Trojans Last year's ranking: 11 This year's ranking: 1
2 Ohio State Buckeyes LY: 3 TY: 17
3 Penn State Nittany Lions LY: 6 TY: 13
4 Florida State Seminoles LY: 14 TY: 2
5 Michigan Wolverines LY: 2 TY: 25
6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish LY: 19 TY: 3
7 Utah Utes LY: 12 TY: 14
8 UCLA Bruins LY: 20 TY: 5
9 Washington Huskies LY: 8 TY: 24
10 Georgia Bulldogs LY: 1 TY: 37
11 Texas Longhorns LY: 23 TY: 7
12 North Carolina Tar Heels LY: 26 TY: 8
13 Tennessee Volunteers LY: 4 TY: 43
14 Mississippi State Bulldogs LY: 21 TY: 20
15 Wake Forest Demon Deacons LY: 29 TY: 10
16 Duke Blue Devils LY: 27 TY: 16
17 Kansas State Wildcats LY: 18 TY: 30
18 Oregon Ducks LY: 13 TY: 40
19 Louisville Cardinals LY: 25 TY: 23
20 Oregon State Beavers LY: 17 TY: 39
21 Iowa Hawkeyes LY: 40 TY: 9
22 Minnesota Golden Gophers LY: 28 TY: 28
23 Alabama Crimson Tide LY: 5 TY: 63
24 Fresno State Bulldogs LY: 31 TY: 27
25 Tulane Green Wave LY: 10 TY: 60

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