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HHcougar Ballot for 2023 Week 3

Ballot Type: Hybrid

Submitted: Sept. 10, 2023, 11:59 a.m.

Overall Rationale: My poll is a hybrid between a computer and a human poll. The formula combines a power ranking (who I think the best teams are), with a resume ranking (who I think has the best case to be ranked), and a computer ranking that calculates rankings based on a team point system (each team has a certain number of points and beating a team takes a portion of their points). Each sub-poll is given equal weight, and the final poll is derived from that. The first 3-4 weeks will have drastic swings, but as more data is collected this should even out.

Rank Team Reason
1 Texas Longhorns T-1 with USC, gets the nod because they're ranked higher in my Power Ranking, the tiebreaker. Alabama might not be world-beaters, but Texas got their biggest win in 10+ years. Texas is... 2-0
2 USC Trojans T-1 with Texas, but gets the #2 spot because they're behind Texas in my Power Ranking. Caleb Williams is really bout to win a 2nd Heisman, isn't he?
3 Florida State Seminoles FSU looks fast, the ACC should be scurred.
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish ND has won some solid games, and their resume is already pretty good, even without a major win. They have the opportunity to get those major wins now.
5 Michigan Wolverines T-5 with Washington
6 Washington Huskies T-5 with Michigan
7 Washington State Cougars WSU is pretty low on my Power Ranking, but their resume is looking pretty solid and they're undefeated, my computer tanking loves them (they're T-4th place)
8 Colorado Buffaloes CU is going bowling. I never doubted they're win 3-4 games, but I didn't expect them to be looking like a Pac12 champion contender.
9 Auburn Tigers ...wut? Why is Auburn here? My computer has them as #2. We need more data T-9 with Miami
10 Miami Hurricanes T-9 with Auburn
11 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State's schedule hasn't done them favors thus far, but they'll rise with more games (and more wins).
12 Oklahoma Sooners OU blows Arkansas State to kingdom come, but looks mortal vs SMU. Who knows with this team?
13 North Carolina Tar Heels
14 Ole Miss Rebels
15 Utah Utes That was obvious PI.
16 Oregon Ducks
17 Georgia Bulldogs #1 in my power ranking, but unranked in my Resume and Computer polls. This will correct itself as UGA plays more teams
18 UCF Knights Winning in Boise isn't all that hard anymore.
19 Rutgers Scarlet Knights lmao, Rutgers is T-4 in my computer ranking. This won't last Unless?
20 UCLA Bruins
21 Penn State Nittany Lions
22 Iowa Hawkeyes El Assico lived up to it's name
23 Alabama Crimson Tide Bama drops like a rock. Still a dangerous team, they need wins to climb back up the rankings
24 Kansas Jayhawks
25 Minnesota Golden Gophers

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