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coletheredditer Ballot for 2023 Week 3

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Sept. 10, 2023, 12:11 p.m.

Overall Rationale: I'm going to use this space to complain about the Wisconsin Badgers, if you don't want to read why, my next 5 out are UCLA, UCF, Washington State, Louisville, and Minnesota, and you can stop there. The last 3 years have felt very similar in a bad way, and the moves made last offseason to acquire Fickell, Longo, and Mordecai seemed to show that the Wisconsin AD truly cares about having a winning football team, and Wisconsin fans should hope for more 2017, and less 2022, losing yesterday isn't the end of the season, Wisconsin could very well still win the B1G West, and go onto make the Rose Bowl, but it shouldn't be the preseason expectation every year to be there, this isn't the Badgers of the 2010s, this is a team that CAN be that caliber, but isn't at the moment, just using the last game as an example, combined the Badgers had 90 total rushing yards, and a more telling stat is that they averaged 3.1 YPC. Across his entire college career, Jonathan Taylor had 2 games where he averaged less than 3.1 YPC, Melvin Gordon only had 6, 4 of which he was a freshman, and prior to this game Braelon Allen only had 3. I do understand the run game shouldn't be the thing I'm complaining about, the uncalled safety and "fumble" by Chez Mellusi were bad calls, and they did change the course of the game to favor the Cougars, but they put themselves in a 24-6 hole, and despite the bad calls, simply blaming 2 calls when the defense couldn't do shit for the first half of the game seems unfair. Realistically people were too high on the Badgers in the preseason for the 4th consecutive year, and maybe the Fickell hire was bad in the long run, but only time will tell, and its irresponsible to make judgements 2 games into the season. On Wisconsin, Fuck the Gophers, and onto the rankings.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Still the clear #1 team, the paper thin schedule might help them, but it would require a miracle for them to miss the playoffs.
2 Michigan Wolverines Georgia and Michigan are 1 and 2 until an upset happens, I'm less sure about Michigan than I am Georgia.
3 Florida State Seminoles Clearly the best ACC team, that Clemson game is looking less and less quality by the week.
4 Texas Longhorns back
5 USC Trojans Texas and USC in the top 5. What is this, 2005?
6 Penn State Nittany Lions Kind of a boring week, but that's not a bad thing in PSU's case.
7 Ohio State Buckeyes If I was a Buckeye fan id be concerned about the Notre Dame game, maybe the offense will wake up by then?
8 Washington Huskies Washington v. Michigan State looked like a good game until 12 hours ago.
9 Utah Utes So is Texas State just good?
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Hartman good, he's also older than Jordan Love.
11 Alabama Crimson Tide bad?
12 Tennessee Volunteers We all saw that first half, Vols.
13 North Carolina Tar Heels Never play Appalachian State again, you're tempting fate
14 Oregon Ducks Dough comes in, T0-2illas come out. Can't explain it
15 Oregon State Beavers September 23rd, WSU @ OSU, Gameday please.
16 LSU Tigers Can't beat a hard opponent, try scheduling a cupcake, that will fix your season!
17 Ole Miss Rebels Beat a ranked team on the road, not much more to say
18 Kansas State Wildcats Troy was good last year.
19 Duke Blue Devils Looked better against Clemson then they did against Lafayette.
20 Colorado Buffaloes Could be 4-0 playing USC
21 Oklahoma Sooners Outgained yardage wise by SMU, still win by double digits.
22 Iowa Hawkeyes Might be good, and still average under 25 PPG
23 Tulane Green Wave Didn't have Pratt, so I can't be too harsh on them.
24 Kansas Jayhawks Hey Leonhard, that Illinois tenure isn't starting out great? We have a nice spot for you back in Madison if you want to come home.
25 Wyoming Cowboys please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas please beat texas

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