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Overall Rationale:
Teams in the top 15 are starting to settle a bit more, 16-25 will probably have a lot more movement in the weeks to come.Human poll relying mostly on Resume, SoS, and MoV. Eye-test used sparingly, and only in situations with similar bodies of work for the season. I will not Eye-test a Clemson over Iowa jump unless the games prove the results. Unfortunately, some of this poll relies on pre-season rankings for big name teams, but i try to actively negate poll inertia and allow strong movements up and down if the resume doesnt support your placements after the win or loss.

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Georgia Bulldogs
3 Oklahoma Sooners Granted its WCU, but a 70 point victory shows they are knocking off the rust. They have opportunities to prove me wrong throughout the season with several Decent-at-Worst teams to get through.
4 Oregon Ducks Without their 2 best defensive players and a few other impact starters, still managed to defeat Ohio State in a very strong performance. UCLA is the only scary game remaining, if the ducks win that one, they will be solidified in the top 4 and barring losing 2 games, will most likely make the CFP.
5 Iowa Hawkeyes
6 Cincinnati Bearcats
7 Clemson Tigers If Michigan state (who im high on) handily defeats Miami, im not sure if Clemson will have a strong enough Schedule to make it back into the top 4 barring some more top teams potentially dropping games (im looking at you OU and Oregon). If they have insane MoV though, they have a solid chance at breaking into number 4 and making it in. We all know Clemson is very good, we just have to try to objectively look at HOW good.
8 Penn State Nittany Lions
9 Texas A&M Aggies They had their backup QB in and were able to sneak out a win against an improved Colorado team.This team without their starting QB struggles, and as soon as they get him back they will be likely to impress enough to move back up. This is a solid defense, they will most likely be able to handle most games by themselves.
10 Ohio State Buckeyes
11 Florida Gators
12 UCLA Bruins Fresno state isnt a bad team, and i suspect UCLA beats them by more than Oregon did and moves up farther next week if a top 10 team loses.As for now, the LSU victory secures them a top 15 spot easily.
13 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
14 Virginia Tech Hokies
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2 close games against teams we arent sure are good is enough to drop ND in my opinion. Winning is winning, but its a total of 6 points theyre up so far on the season. More games required to accurately place this team.
16 Michigan State Spartans My buddies are making fun of me for having MSU this high, and they might be right. Will find out next week against Miami.
17 Kansas State Wildcats
18 Iowa State Cyclones
19 Arizona State Sun Devils
20 Ole Miss Rebels
21 Auburn Tigers
22 Michigan Wolverines Michigan is here for the same reason Auburn is here. Dont know if theyre good or not, but they have wins with large MoV. Unfortunately Washington is a bit poop this year, so until they beat a top 3 B1G power its unlikely they move much farther up.
23 Wisconsin Badgers
25 UCF Knights

Submitted: Mon 13 Sep 2021 12:32