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Ballot Type: hybrid

Overall Rationale:
Computer poll that takes into account game performance without an eye for wins or losses (eg a 7 point loss to Georgia is more respected than a 7 point win vs Tulane), preseason expectations and recent history (the latter will drop out after this week, with 3 weeks of data to go on). I then allow a human adjustment of up to 3 ranks for each team, to adjust for the computer being over- or under- aggressive.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Computer rank 1
2 Oregon Ducks Computer rank 2.
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Computer rank 6, adjusted to 3 because it's Alabama
4 Iowa Hawkeyes Computer rank 3, adjusted to 4.
5 Clemson Tigers Computer rank 4, adjusted to 5.
6 Penn State Nittany Lions Computer rank 5, adjusted to 6.
7 Oklahoma Sooners Computer rank 7
8 Cincinnati Bearcats Computer rank 8
9 UCLA Bruins Computer rank 9
10 Ohio State Buckeyes Computer rank 10
11 UCF Knights Computer rank 12, moved past Auburn
12 Auburn Tigers Computer rank 11, moved down a spot due to extremely weak competition-- they have not proved themselves.
13 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Computer rank 13
14 Texas A&M Aggies Computer rank 14.
15 Ole Miss Rebels Computer rank 15
16 NC State Wolfpack Computer rank 16
17 Michigan Wolverines Computer rank 17
18 Florida Gators Computer rank 18
19 North Carolina Tar Heels Computer rank 19. Will likely drop next week when the impact of preseason expectations is lessened.
20 Arkansas Razorbacks Computer rank 20
21 Michigan State Spartans Computer rank 22, moved past USC
22 Arizona State Sun Devils Computer rank 23, moved past USC
23 BYU Cougars Computer rank 26, moved up due to strong win against a rival
24 USC Trojans Only ranked because the computer made them 21.
25 Iowa State Cyclones Computer rank 24, moved BYU past them. Mostly still in the poll because of strong preseason expectations. Unlikely to stay in next week, when I lower the weight of preseason expectations.

Submitted: Mon 13 Sep 2021 04:24