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1 Georgia Bulldogs the offense appeared, and defense was still dominant. do I think bama is probably better? yes, but right now georgia's resume seems better (clemson > miami probably, and uab > mercer)
2 Alabama Crimson Tide a game happened, next week will be a good test maybe ? lol and could flip these top two again depending
3 Iowa Hawkeyes I already had Iowa higher than many and they beat a team that seemed quite solid, and weren't in a scare week one (or two) like teams behind them
4 Oregon Ducks big big win for oregon and the pac12, could be higher maybe but fresno scare holds them behind iowa righ tnow
5 Oklahoma Sooners smoked em, dropped just due to resume right now, things likely change as we go of course
6 Texas A&M Aggies it was like georgia and clemson, except colorado isn't clemson is the issue here
7 Cincinnati Bearcats another easy win, indian is a maybe test? at least its p5 I guess
8 Clemson Tigers dominating ez teams
9 Florida Gators bama game will show us whats what I think a little better
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish uh those two games were very close and fsu close looks worse, and toledo close never looks good
11 UCLA Bruins
12 Penn State Nittany Lions
13 Ohio State Buckeyes yeh closeish game, but they could not stop the run, 
14 Virginia Tech Hokies
15 Iowa State Cyclones well playoff hopes are probably (probably) gone, can still rebound
16 Ole Miss Rebels some of these week two games I barely realized even happened, yawn
17 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers rolling along
18 Arizona State Sun Devils 2 easy teams so far
19 Wisconsin Badgers idk 1-1 close loss to a team ahead and easy win 
20 Auburn Tigers 60+ points twice so far, penn state game will be the first real test tho
21 BYU Cougars can they be invited to the pac12 champ game if they go 5-0 against them?
22 Arkansas Razorbacks
23 North Carolina Tar Heels back to what should be their wining ways of course
24 Michigan Wolverines solid wins so far, big fans of running as well so far
25 TCU Horned Frogs

Submitted: Sun 12 Sep 2021 20:20