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Overall Rationale:
I try to reevaluate every teams resume each week. This causes lots of changes early, but more consistency later. Also my poll looks extra goofy early because I'll rank a team like Utah State (2-0 with a win over P5 Washington State) over Clemson (1-1, only win being an FCS school), even though we know Clemson would win that game. As the season moves on and resumes become more telling, my poll will start to look like everyone else's. 

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama, the reigning champs, destroyers of all in their path. Best win is blowout victory over now 1-1 Miami. 
2 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia has a very nice win over 1-1 Clemson. Defense looks absolutely dominant. Offense showed life this week too. 
3 Iowa Hawkeyes Honestly you could argue the Hawkeyes have the best resume in college football, with 2 quality wins over Indiana and Iowa State. I dont think either win is as impressive as beating Clemson, so for now I have them below Georgia. Tough call. 
4 Oregon Ducks Oregon got a very nice win over Ohio State this weekend. They're now 2-0. Struggled a bit with Fresno State in their opener. 
5 UCLA Bruins UCLA is 2-0 and has a nice win over LSU. Looks to be the best team in the Pac south. 
6 Arkansas Razorbacks Arkansas makes the big jump in my poll this week by moving to 2-0 with a blowout victory over Texas, who is now 1-1 with a win over Louisiana. 
7 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State is 2-0 with a nice victory over Wisconsin. A win over Auburn this week would shoot them up in my rankings even further. 
8 Virginia Tech Hokies Virginia Tech is now 2-0, best win is over North Carolina. 
9 BYU Cougars BYU is 2-0 with wins over Arizona (0-2) and Utah (1-1). A win over Arizona State this weekend would push the cougars up into my top 5. 
10 Kansas State Wildcats Kansas State moved to 2-0 with a victory over Southern Illinois, though thats not really what kept them in my top 10. In their first game they beat Stanford, which now looks like a really nice win because Stanford laid a beatdown on USC this weekend.
11 Ole Miss Rebels Ole Miss is 2-0 with their best win being a blowout victory over Louisville (1-1)
12 UCF Knights UCF is 2-0, best win is over Boise State (1-1)
13 Texas A&M Aggies Aggies squeaked by Colorado to move to 2-0. Best win is Colorado (1-1). 
14 Pittsburgh Panthers Pittsburgh is 2-0, best win is over Tennessee (1-1)
15 Michigan Wolverines Michigan moved to 2-0 by manhandling Washington. Unfortunately, Washington is 0-2 so that isn't as nice of a win as it could have been. Michigan has been dominant so far, though. Barf. 
16 Virginia Cavaliers Virginia is 2-0 after demolishing Illinois. That's not a great win as Illinois previously lost to UTSA, but still 2-0. 
17 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State is 2-0. Best win is over Northwestern (1-1)
18 Mississippi State Bulldogs Mississippi State is 2-0 with their best win being over 1-1 NC State. 
19 Kentucky Wildcats Kentucky is 2-0 with their best win being over Missouri (1-1). They could be 4-0 heading into a matchup with Florida to kick off October. 
20 Utah State Aggies 2-0 with best win being Washington State (1-1)
21 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma moved to 2-0. Best win is over Tulane (1-1)
22 Notre Dame Fighting Irish ND squeaked by Toledo to move to 2-0. Moved them down a bunch, which hurts cuz I love ND, but they will move back up if they continue to win through their upcoming stretch. Best win is Toledo (1-1)
23 Texas Tech Red Raiders Texas Tech is 2-0 with their best win being over Houston (1-1)
24 Arizona State Sun Devils Arizona State is 2-0 and has been crushing people but has played an fcs team and 0-2 UNLV (who lost to an FCS team). Hard to know where they belong. They play BYU this weekend and a win would push them up my rankings. 
25 Auburn Tigers Auburn is 2-0 with blowout wins, but like Arizona State, their opponents so far have been bad. Akron (0-2) and FCS alcorn state. A win over Penn State this weekend would rocket Auburn up in my poll.

Submitted: Mon 13 Sep 2021 15:11