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Ballot Type: computer

Overall Rationale:
Like most computer rankings this early on, it isn't perfect. The immediate issue is the OSU-Oregon placements considering this week's game, but that is in large part due to the pre-season rankings, which are still getting about 70% of the weighting for initial rating. The pre-season ratings were low on Oregon, and they were at 24 coming into this game, so they've made up a lot of ground, but that win will continue paying dividends for them. 

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Georgia Bulldogs
3 Iowa Hawkeyes
4 Texas A&M Aggies
5 Oklahoma Sooners
6 Cincinnati Bearcats
7 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
9 Ohio State Buckeyes
10 Florida Gators
11 BYU Cougars
12 Oregon Ducks
13 Penn State Nittany Lions
14 Clemson Tigers
15 Arkansas Razorbacks
16 UCLA Bruins
17 Auburn Tigers
18 Virginia Tech Hokies
19 Rutgers Scarlet Knights
20 Michigan Wolverines
21 USC Trojans
22 Kentucky Wildcats
23 Pittsburgh Panthers
24 Iowa State Cyclones
25 Miami Hurricanes

Submitted: Sun 12 Sep 2021 14:18