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T-Thugs Ballot for 2022 Week 4

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Sept. 18, 2022, 8:21 p.m.

Overall Rationale: I base my rankings each week based on the accomplishments of the team so far this year. Early in the season, my poll can look funny, but it starts to look more like the other polls as the season goes on.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia is my top team. They have the most impressive win of the year with their absolute destruction of Oregon, who looks much better after beating BYU this week. Georgia is 3-0. They also beat South Carolina.
2 Kentucky Wildcats Kentucky is currently my #2 team due to their win over Florida. Florida has a very nice win over Utah so I'm counting that as a high quality win for Kentucky. Overall they are 3-0.
3 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State is 3-0 with wins over Auburn (2-1) and Purdue (1-2).
4 North Carolina Tar Heels North Carolina is 3-0. Their best win is over Appalachian State. App state has a nice win at Texas A&M. This may be one of the best wins early this year. I don't know that it will remain that way.
5 Florida State Seminoles Florida State is 3-0 after defeating Louisville (1-2). They also have a very nice win over LSU (2-1) who just took down Mississippi State in what was technically a neutral site game but was played in LSU's backyard.
6 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama is 3-0. They played a cupcake this week but still have a nice win on the road over Texas (2-1).
7 Tennessee Volunteers Tennessee is 3-0 and has a nice win on the road over Pitt (2-1).
8 Washington Huskies Washington is 3-0 and jumps bigtime in my poll after working Michigan State. MSU may not be a power this year, but they were undefeated and that looked like a very nice win.
9 Washington State Cougars Washington State is 3-0 after defeating hapless CSU. Their best win is over Wisconsin (2-1).
10 Iowa State Cyclones Iowa State is 3-0. Their best win is over Iowa (2-1).
11 NC State Wolfpack North Carolina State is 3-0 and has a nice win over Texas Tech (2-1).
12 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Wake Forest is 3-0 and has what appears right now to be a nice win over Vanderbilt (3-1). They play Clemson next week and could shoot way up the poll with a win.
13 Arkansas Razorbacks Arkansas is 3-0 with wins over Cincinnati (2-1) and South Carolina (1-2). It's a little tricky to know how to rank the cincinnati win early this year, but if they keep winning, that could really compare well against others. South Carolina also has the unfortunate schedule to start the year that they had to play Arkansas and also Georgia.
14 Indiana Hoosiers Indiana is 3-0 and has a win over Illinois (2-1).
15 Tulane Green Wave Tulane is 3-0 and has a pretty nice win over Kansas State who is 2-1 with a win over Missouri (2-1)
16 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State offense looked like what everyone expected. Best win is probably over Notre Dame (1-2). That win could look better if ND starts winning. Ohio State should keep moving up. They play Wisconsin (2-1) next week.
17 USC Trojans USC is 3-0. Best win is over Stanford (1-1). Offense looks very very good. They play Oregon state (3-0) next week and have a good chance to boost their resume and jump higher in my poll.
18 Syracuse Orange Syracuse is 3-0 with wins over Purdue (1-2) and Louisville (1-2).
19 Kansas Jayhawks Kansas is 3-0 with wins over West Virginia (1-2) and Houston (1-2).
20 Florida Gators Florida is 2-1 and my top ranked team with a loss. They have a very nice win over Utah (2-1) and have a loss to Kentucky (3-0).
21 Oregon Ducks Oregon is hard to rank. They got completely destroyed by Georgia, but UGA has looked like the best team in the country to date. They looked very impressive in a nice win over BYU (2-1) this weekend. BYU had previously been high in my poll after defeating Baylor (2-1)
22 Appalachian State Mountaineers Appalachian State is 2-1 with a crazy close loss to North Carolina that could have had them 3-0. They have a very nice win over Texas A&M (2-1), who just knocked off Miami (2-1).
23 BYU Cougars BYU is 2-1 and has a nice win over Baylor (2-1). They also have a loss to Oregon (2-1).
24 Texas A&M Aggies Texas A&M got a really nice win this weekend over Miami (2-1). They also have a loss at home to Appalachian State (2-1).
25 Clemson Tigers It was a tough call to decide who belonged in this last spot as it could have also been Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Rutgers, Ole Miss or a couple other undefeated teams. They can prove they belong here or a lot higher next week when they play Wake Forest.

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