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RegionalBias Ballot for 2023 Final

Ballot Type: Hybrid

Submitted: Jan. 10, 2024, 12:22 p.m.

Overall Rationale: Reranked every week... Bowl season special -- teams that had significant changes aren't punished (Looking at you Florida State)

Rank Team Reason
1 Michigan Wolverines The dankest timeline.
2 Alabama Crimson Tide OT loss against the best team.
3 Washington Huskies Bad matchup for the title
4 Texas Longhorns
5 Georgia Bulldogs
6 Ohio State Buckeyes Saved by the "if your top 2 players skip the bowl you aren't held to that level." Note: I can get saying Mizzou higher, but they played a wet noodle at QB and were still leading
7 Oregon Ducks
8 Florida State Seminoles Poster child for looking at the season and not the bowl with 1/3 of the team gone
9 Missouri Tigers Impressive season, strong defense
10 Ole Miss Rebels
11 Arizona Wildcats
12 LSU Tigers
13 Penn State Nittany Lions
14 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
15 Oklahoma Sooners
16 Oklahoma State Cowboys
17 Kansas State Wildcats
18 Tennessee Volunteers
19 Louisville Cardinals
20 Clemson Tigers Rumors of their death were overestimations
21 NC State Wolfpack
22 SMU Mustangs
23 Kansas Jayhawks
24 Iowa Hawkeyes
25 Oregon State Beavers Another candidate for "not punished for people leaving before their bowl."

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