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coletheredditer Ballot for 2023 Final

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Jan. 8, 2024, 10:51 p.m.

Overall Rationale: Final poll of the year, see y'all next year, my descriptions are the team I had there week 0, and my reaction to my predictions. Next 5 out in preseason was Kansas State (Good), UTSA (OK), Kansas (Good), Troy (Good), and Duke (OK), actual next 5 out is Oregon State, Tulane, James Madison, West Virginia, and North Carolina

Rank Team Reason
1 Michigan Wolverines Georgia, Miss, I only hit on 1/4 playoff teams
2 Washington Huskies Michigan, Hit, how long until the NCAA claims it never happened?
3 Texas Longhorns Ohio State, Miss, only because they lost to Michigan, and an OSU season cannot be a success without beating Michigan
4 Alabama Crimson Tide USC, Bad Miss, that defense is bad bad.
5 Georgia Bulldogs LSU, Meh, not the 5th best team in the country but they weren't bad
6 Florida State Seminoles Alabama, Hit, I thought they would be worse honestly, come on up to Madison and have ourselves a game
7 Oregon Ducks Clemson, Miss, they just weren't that good honestly
8 Arizona Wildcats Penn State, Meh, Allar failed to impress but the team was good otherwise
9 Missouri Tigers Florida State, Hit, should've had them over LSU
10 Ohio State Buckeyes Washington, Too Low, finished national runner ups, not a bad guess but could've been higher
11 Ole Miss Rebels North Carolina, Miss, North Carolina fell apart in the second half of the season? I'm shocked! Week 8 I had them at 8 and called them playoff contenders, they then lost to Virginia and fell to 23 in my poll.
12 Penn State Nittany Lions Texas, Too Low, still not back, despite that last drive
13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Oregon, Hit, Bo Nix can sling the rock, and when I say sling the rock I mean throw checkdown passes really well.
14 Oklahoma Sooners Tulane, Miss, Really thought they would repeat as the G5 rep, instead they blew it and stupid Liberty took the spot
15 LSU Tigers Oregon State, Miss, fell off in the second half of the season
16 Oklahoma State Cowboys Tennessee, Hit, they come in at 17 in my final poll, as close as they get
17 Tennessee Volunteers Notre Dame, Hit, was close with this one too, they only moved up so much because every other mid team lost.
18 Iowa Hawkeyes Utah, Miss, actual playoff contenders with a real QB
19 SMU Mustangs Wisconsin, Miss, My Badgers were mediocre, but did make a bowl game
20 Kansas State Wildcats TCU, Bad Miss, turns out when 15+ players are drafted or graduate, the team suffers
21 NC State Wolfpack South Carolina, Bad Miss, probably my worst pick, I thought Rattler would keep the momentum up from last year, instead Beamer ball dies again
22 Clemson Tigers Iowa, Hit, they got worse on offense, but improved record wise, a confusing team
23 Louisville Cardinals Boise State, Meh, finished 8-6 but won their conference after firing their coach midseason, not bad all around
24 Kansas Jayhawks Texas Tech, Miss, why did this team have preseason hype?
25 Liberty Flames Ole Miss, Too Low, the Rebs might be title contenders with everyone back, and Judkins is going to Ohio State I hate everything. See you next year.

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