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Meany_Vizzini Ballot for 2022 Week 4

Ballot Type: Computer

Submitted: Sept. 19, 2022, 1 a.m.

Overall Rationale: Weighted composite of FPI, SP+, and accelerated ELO

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs 37.4, +5.8 from last week, -
2 Alabama Crimson Tide 30.0, +1.6, +1 position from last week
3 Ohio State Buckeyes 24.4, -4.1, -1. ND continues to drop, bringing Ohio State’s strength of schedule down with them.
4 Tennessee Volunteers 23.3, +4.0, +1. The Pitt win looks even better.
5 USC Trojans 21.1, +7.3, +14. They continue to win convincingly and are further removed from last year each week in FPI, SP+, and accelerated ELO.
6 Oklahoma Sooners 21.0, +4.0, +5. The margin of victory moves them up.
7 Penn State Nittany Lions 20.8, +3.4, +1.
8 LSU Tigers 20.1, NR. Their win over Mississippi State was huge, and the loss to Florida State has been forgiven by the model due to how Florida State is playing.
9 Michigan Wolverines 19.0, -1.7, -5. The model is starting to punish them for a weak OOC schedule while other teams already have signature wins. They’ll have their chances to move up later in the year.
10 Florida State Seminoles 18.9, +5.5, +10. The win against LSU looks so much better now.
11 Texas Longhorns 18.2, +2.0, +1.
12 Washington Huskies 18.0, NR. They deserve recognition after controlling the Michigan State game.
13 Ole Miss Rebels 17.9, +2.7, +2.
14 Oregon Ducks 17.7, NR. Convincing win over BYU vaults them into the model’s rankings.
15 NC State Wolfpack 17.6, +6.4, +10. The model had Texas Tech at #30 last week, so a solid win looks good on the Wolfpack.
16 Clemson Tigers 16.3, -2.1, -10. Same as Michigan, the model doesn’t like their strength of schedule so far.
17 Michigan State Spartans 15.7, +0.6, -1. The model likes Washington now, so that away loss did not drop the Spartans in the model as far as I was expecting. The model looks at final score, which was closer than the game felt.
18 Kentucky Wildcats 15.2, -2.0, -8. Strength of schedule took a hit from the Florida game this week.
19 Syracuse Orange 14.8, +1.6, +2. A close home win over Purdue sees them climb slightly.
20 Pittsburgh Panthers 14.7, NR. With other teams losing, Pitt is back in the rankings.
21 Mississippi State Bulldogs 14.5, -2.9, -12. The game felt closer up until the muffed punt, but the model looks at final score.
22 Tulane Green Wave 12.8, NR. Big win against K-State.
23 Oklahoma State Cowboys 12.0, -2.8, -6. Strength of schedule tanked with Arizona State.
24 Kansas State Wildcats 11.9, -3.3, -9. Despite the loss to Tulane, SP+ still likes them from the Missouri win.
25 UCLA Bruins 11.6, NR. They’ve just been solid enough, and Bowling Green helped their strength of schedule this week. Honorable Mentions: Oregon State 11.5, Wake Forest 11.2, Purdue 11.0

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