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ikindalikelemons Ballot for 2022 Week 4

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Sept. 18, 2022, 8:27 a.m.

Overall Rationale: Re-rack every week. No poll inertia. H2H matters, did they execute their gameplan well, do I believe in their QB, do I believe in their head coach, etc. It's still early, so teams who have beaten quality opponents are inflated a bit, but it will even out once we get past the cupcake weeks.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs I mean...come on. I watched this one live in Willy B and it was hard to leave without thinking a repeat is seriously on the table.
2 Ohio State Buckeyes Back to teams with pulses soon
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Back to teams with pulses soon
4 Kentucky Wildcats Same reasoning as last week. Do I think they're actually the 4th best team? Probably not. Do I think their resume so far warrants this? Yeah.
5 Tennessee Volunteers Good road win and a couple cupcake blowouts. We'll see.
6 Oklahoma Sooners Damn, y'all. Nebraska players have families.
7 USC Trojans The defense may be a bit of a question mark, but they dismantled a solid Fresno St team.
8 Michigan Wolverines Yawn. Wake me when Michigan plays a team that's not likely one of the 10 worst in FBS.
9 Penn State Nittany Lions I wasn't a believer in this team, and they still may end up 9-3 or so, but going to Auburn and smacking them around was great.
10 Clemson Tigers I don't know where else to really slot this team. A mystery.
11 Oklahoma State Cowboys Still love the veteran leadership on this squad
12 NC State Wolfpack Back to where they likely should be after and early-season near upset
13 Arkansas Razorbacks Dropping 8 slots this week, they almost lost to Missouri State at home. Yikes.
14 Washington Huskies My Penix is hard.
15 Ole Miss Rebels Any team who hangs a 42-0 scoreline on Tech is alright with me
16 Oregon State Beavers RESPECT THE BEAVS
17 Texas Longhorns Creeping toward full backness
18 Oregon Ducks Maybe Georgia is that good. Or maybe Bo Nix just had felt more relaxed and had more fun playing BYU. He might be a dark horse...
19 Utah Utes Like Clemson, I'm pretty sure this team should be ranked, but it's hard to fully tell where.
20 BYU Cougars Ouch. I still think they're good though.
21 Baylor Bears I may think Baylor is a better team than BYU, but at this point in the season, I'm still taking H2H into account here.
22 Syracuse Orange CHOO CHOO MFS
23 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Escaped Liberty by the hair on their chinny chin chin. Still like this Hartman-led offense, but that defense could get them in trouble and lead to a loss before too long.
24 Appalachian State Mountaineers This is a team of destiny. Which makes it all the more frustrating that they couldn't convert those 2-pt conversions against UNC

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