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Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs of the dominant easily int he title game teamswe are now at 1 lol
2 Iowa Hawkeyes what a big win, hope they can get the b1g thisyear. guess keeping ferentz has been worth it
3 Cincinnati Bearcats wildly high perhapos, but undefeated and a big win against ND proves they are probably deserving
4 Oklahoma Sooners I can't say worst undefeatedteam, but does seem wild how close they have been, but sometimes you have to just pull it out of nowhere
5 Michigan Wolverines harbaugh redemption continues against a trying nebraska
6 Ohio State Buckeyes solid looking team, lost to oregon isn't great and did appear vulnerable, but yeh solid dominating win again
7 Michigan State Spartans oops havent been the best but i mean this team is wild
8 Alabama Crimson Tide uhhh that was unexpected after these past two weeks. I mean they still have been wrecking or beating highly ranked teams otherwise, so still very solid. tho now another loss (like to UGA) could be real bad
9 Oregon Ducks off week
10 Penn State Nittany Lions well thats an unfortunate loss, then again beat OSU and you're still in b1g contention
11 Kentucky Wildcats last "real" test this week, could be the east championship game if both hold to the ned against georgia... wow
12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish this is like ohio state I feel, one loss, good team, but many close calls
13 Oklahoma State Cowboys off
14 Ole Miss Rebels oh man that was a close good one
15 Wake Forest Demon Deacons it continue!
16 Arkansas Razorbacks so close yet no good, good team though 
17 BYU Cougars hmm that wasn't great when they were flying so high, could've maybe been the G5 sneaker
18 Texas A&M Aggies well wtf, I guess he needed some real prep time for the QB, but after 2 weak weeks what a big win
19 San Diego State Aztecs
20 SMU Mustangs
21 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers just styling on their opponesnts
22 Florida Gators i think i didn't have them last week, that might have been an oversight
23 Pittsburgh Panthers
24 NC State Wolfpack
25 Arizona State Sun Devils

Submitted: Mon 11 Oct 2021 15:47