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Previous Weeks/Years: Others in Consideration: Pitt, Auburn, Mississippi State, San Diego State, Baylor, Maryland For the first time ever, an explanation: No one deserves to be the #2 team in the country right now. It is so clearly Georgia and then an absolute mess from 2 to 12. Iowa has the resume for 2, but I took more negatives away from their win than positives (if I didn't watch the game, Iowa would be #2 but watching them was so confusing). Oklahoma looked the most complete, but they also allowed themselves to get in a 28-7 hole. Cincinnati looks strong top to bottom but has the worst resume. Same with Coastal Carolina, but even weaker resume. Penn State looked very good with their entire team, but a coaching staff with an unprepared backup is damning. I'm not sure how Michigan State got here, but they did. I could keep going. In two weeks this will feel a lot cleaner, but there is still a lot of blood to powerwash off the asphalt of the CFB Universe.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs
2 Oklahoma Sooners
3 Cincinnati Bearcats
4 Iowa Hawkeyes
5 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
6 Alabama Crimson Tide
7 Penn State Nittany Lions
8 Michigan State Spartans
9 Ole Miss Rebels
10 Oregon Ducks
11 Ohio State Buckeyes
12 Michigan Wolverines
13 Arkansas Razorbacks
14 Kentucky Wildcats
15 SMU Mustangs
16 Oklahoma State Cowboys
17 Texas A&M Aggies
18 BYU Cougars
19 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
20 Florida Gators
21 Wake Forest Demon Deacons
22 Arizona State Sun Devils
23 NC State Wolfpack
24 UTSA Roadrunners
25 Liberty Flames

Submitted: Sun 10 Oct 2021 14:17