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Rank Team Reason
1 LSU Tigers Clear cut best team. Burrow is the Heisman winner for sure. They simply have the best wins and are undefeated. I expect them to dominate OU. 
2 Ohio State Buckeyes They've performed as expected. Pretty much dominated every game this season.
3 Clemson Tigers They have played much better lately than the start of the season. They probably should be #2 given they started the season #1 and are the defending champs. Trevor Lawrence still is the best QB in CFB imo. I pick them to beat tOSU.
4 Oklahoma Sooners Easy choice over UGA. Have had a bunch of close games, so they haven't exactly dominated their opponents. But they've gotten the wins. The difference is OU won their Conference, UGA didn't. They had equally bad regular season loses. I expect LSU to drop 50 on OU, and OU to maybe get around 30.
5 Georgia Bulldogs They have good wins, but like OU never really dominated. Difference is they lost their Conference championship game. Baylor game should be good, though I expect it to be close and UGA to win.
6 Oregon Ducks Big time conference win against a good Utah team. If they hadn't lost to ASU they'd be in the CFP. Cristobal is building something good at Oregon, and I'm pissed Miami didn't hire him. However I expect them to lose to Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.
7 Wisconsin Badgers Just a really good team this season led by Jonathan Taylor. I expect them to get the Win in the Rose bowl.
8 Baylor Bears
9 Utah Utes
10 Auburn Tigers
11 Penn State Nittany Lions
12 Alabama Crimson Tide
13 Minnesota Golden Gophers
14 Michigan Wolverines
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
16 Memphis Tigers
17 Iowa Hawkeyes
18 Boise State Broncos
19 Virginia Cavaliers
20 Appalachian State Mountaineers
21 Navy Midshipmen
22 USC Trojans Really can't believe they are keeping Helton another year. 
23 Texas A&M Aggies I feel bad for A&M. They plaid 5 of the top 13 teams including 3 of the top 5. And while it was never really close against those teams except Auburn and UGA, they pretty easily dominated the remainder of their games. I mean if there was ever an award for Team with best loses, they'd have it locked down.
24 Oklahoma State Cowboys
25 Virginia Tech Hokies

Submitted: Tue 10 Dec 2019 06:17