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Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State stays on top with a win over Wisconsin.
2 LSU Tigers A solid performance by LSU against a very good Georgia team.
3 Clemson Tigers The Tigers teed off on the Cavaliers and advance to the CFP.
4 Oklahoma Sooners The Sooners beat back Baylor once again to cement their position in the top four.
5 Georgia Bulldogs The Bulldogs fell short against LSU and, by extension, of the playoff.
6 Penn State Nittany Lions Despite not playing, Penn State climbs in my rankings as a result of other teams losing.
7 Baylor Bears Baylor actually jumps in my rankings despite the loss, as it's clear they're very close to Oklahoma.
8 Alabama Crimson Tide No real wins on Alabama's schedule, but they're still a very good team and will have the chance to show that in their bowl game.
9 Memphis Tigers Memphis beat Cincinnati for the second time in as many weeks and leaps into my top 10.
10 Florida Gators Florida's loss lost to Florida's other loss.
11 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin played Ohio State close for much of the game, but wasn't able to seal the deal, and their third loss leads them to slip here.
12 Oregon Ducks The Ducks beat Utah on Friday to claim the Pac-12 title.
13 Utah Utes Utah's loss against Oregon, coupled with their earlier loss to USC, drops them here.
14 Minnesota Golden Gophers A 10-win season is nothing to sniff at for the Golden Gophers.
15 Auburn Tigers Given how the conference championships shook out, it's probably just as well that Auburn beat Alabama.
16 Michigan Wolverines The Wolverines now have the opportunity to face a pissed-off Alabama.
17 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa now gets to look forward to a bowl game.
18 Boise State Broncos Boise State cruised to yet another Mountain West title.
19 Appalachian State Mountaineers App State finished the season strong and now gets rewarded with one of the Sun Belt's many bad bowls.
20 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Getting to steal bowl games from the ACC is big fun.
21 Cincinnati Bearcats Losing to Memphis twice in a row is rough, but a 10-win season goes down smooth.
22 Navy Midshipmen U.S.A.!
23 Air Force Falcons U.S.A.!
24 North Dakota State Bison Moving on up!
25 Virginia Cavaliers Yikes.

Submitted: Tue 10 Dec 2019 15:48