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Rank Team Reason
1 LSU Tigers Undefeated with wins over Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Auburn.
2 Ohio State Buckeyes Undefeated with wins over Penn State, Wisconsin x2, and Michigan. 
3 Clemson Tigers Undefeated. Top wins are not super impressive. Virginia and Texas A&M. 
4 Oklahoma Sooners 12-1. Best wins are Baylor x2, Oklahoma State (8-4), Kansas State (8-4)
5 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia had rough losses to South Carolina and a blowout to LSU. They do have a handful of nice wins though, including over Notre Dame, Florida, and Auburn. 
6 Florida Gators Finished with losses to only Georgia and LSU. They have a nice win over Auburn.
7 Penn State Nittany Lions Losses to Ohio State and Minnesota. Wins over Iowa and Michigan
8 Oregon Ducks Best win is over Utah. Lost to Auburn and Arizona sTate. 
9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Losses to Michigan and Georgia. Wins over USC, Navy, and Virginia. 
10 Auburn Tigers Auburn has 3 losses but had nice wins over Alabama and Oregon. 
11 Wisconsin Badgers Nice wins over Minnesota and Michigan. Losses to Ohio State x2 and Illinois (rough) 
12 Minnesota Golden Gophers Losses to Iowa and Wisconsin. Best win is Penn State. 
13 Memphis Tigers Only 1 loss, nice wins over Cincy x2, Navy, and SMU. 
14 Baylor Bears Best wins are Oklahoma STate and Kansas State. Only losses are both to Oklahoma. 
15 Michigan Wolverines Finished the season with 3 losses, including Wisconsin, Ohio sTate, and Penn sTate. Best win is big victory over Notre Dame. Also beat Iowa.
16 Iowa Hawkeyes 3 losses. Best wins are Minnesota and Iowa State. 
17 Alabama Crimson Tide Losses to LSU and Auburn. Best win is Texas A&M? Yikes. This is probably a better team but they didnt really earn being higher. Could move up after bowl. Right now their resume looks a lot like Utah's. 
18 Utah Utes Only 2 losses but didnt beat anyone worth mentioning. 
19 Boise State Broncos 12-1, lacking great wins. Best win is 10-2 air force. 
20 Navy Midshipmen 9-2 with losses only to memphis and notre dame. wins over Air Force and SMU. 
21 USC Trojans Top 4 loss team? They have a nice win over Utah. 
22 Virginia Cavaliers Roughed up in the ACC championship but finished 9-4 with wins over Va tech, and Pitt. 
23 Appalachian State Mountaineers only 1 loss, lacking quality wins.
24 Oklahoma State Cowboys 8-4. Beat Kansas State and Iowa state. 
25 Kansas State Wildcats 8-4. Had a really nice win over Oklahoma. 

Submitted: Tue 10 Dec 2019 03:56