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Ballot Type: hybrid

Overall Rationale:
My poll is a hybrid. I take the results of a computer poll of my own creation and split the teams into tiers based on where it makes sense to break the values. I then look at just the teams within the tiers and re-rank within them based on my observations and feelings of the teams.Computer poll has a preseason component and a performance-based component. I phase the preseason component out as the season goes along. For this week, the preseason component is down to 1% of the overall calculation.I didn't do many explanations this week as so many of the teams were idle and I defaulted to keeping them in their previous slot or as near to it as possible after the Championship games were accounted for. Therefore many of those explanations are contained in my ballot from last week.

Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes 1/1 in Tier Aa: The committee got it wrong. Ohio State has been the best team for most of the year according to my computer and nothing they've done on the field has made me feel otherwise, even having a lackluster 1st half against Wisconsin. 
2 LSU Tigers 1/1 in Tier Ab
3 Clemson Tigers 1/1 in Tier Ac
4 Oklahoma Sooners 1/1 in Tier Ad
5 Georgia Bulldogs 1/4 in Tier B
6 Wisconsin Badgers 2/4 in Tier B
7 Penn State Nittany Lions 3/4 in Tier B
8 Alabama Crimson Tide 4/4 in Tier B
9 Oregon Ducks 1/2 in Tier C: My computer actually still had Utah slightly ahead of Oregon, but the head-to-head drubbing in the Pac12 Championship was enough to bump the Ducks ahead of the Utes on my ballot
10 Utah Utes 2/2 in Tier C
11 Michigan Wolverines 1/6 in Tier D
12 Memphis Tigers 2/6 in Tier D
13 Florida Gators 3/6 in Tier D
14 Baylor Bears 4/6 in Tier D
15 Auburn Tigers 5/6 in Tier D
16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 6/6 in Tier D
17 Appalachian State Mountaineers 1/4 in Tier E
18 Navy Midshipmen 2/4 in Tier E
19 Minnesota Golden Gophers 3/4 in Tier E
20 Iowa Hawkeyes 4/4 in Tier E
21 Boise State Broncos 1/5 in Tier F
22 Cincinnati Bearcats 2/5 in Tier F
23 SMU Mustangs 3/5 in Tier F
24 UCF Knights 4/5 in Tier F
25 Air Force Falcons 5/5 in Tier F

Submitted: Tue 10 Dec 2019 00:29