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Ballot Type: computer

Overall Rationale:
This is a resume-based computer poll that factors in relative performance of teams against each other, adjusting the value of any given win or loss throughout the season as we learn more about each team; i.e., wins that seem significant early in the season will change in value over time if the losing team turns out to be much worse than expected. Running the algorithm on last year's games returned a very reasonable result, so I am confident the rankings will make more sense as time passes and the model has more data. Because of that, the early season polls will be subject to substantial variation and, likely, some controversy. This year I have expanded the algorithm to individually track every D1 team, both FCS and FBS, in order to better account for the quality of wins and losses in FBS vs FCS games. I am also now including in my algorithm the relative offensive and defensive performances of teams in terms of points scored and points allowed, in addition to last year's emphasis on margin of victory/defeat, winning%, opponents' winning %, and opponents' opponents' winning %. Wins and losses are also weighted based on the each team's status as a P5, G5, or FCS program.

Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes
2 Clemson Tigers
3 LSU Tigers
4 Oklahoma Sooners
5 Oregon Ducks
6 Georgia Bulldogs
7 Utah Utes
8 Florida Gators
9 Wisconsin Badgers
10 Alabama Crimson Tide
11 Penn State Nittany Lions
12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
13 Baylor Bears
14 Michigan Wolverines
15 Auburn Tigers
16 Minnesota Golden Gophers
17 Appalachian State Mountaineers
18 Memphis Tigers
19 Boise State Broncos
20 Iowa Hawkeyes
21 Navy Midshipmen
22 UCF Knights
23 Air Force Falcons
24 FAU Owls
25 Kansas State Wildcats

Submitted: Mon 09 Dec 2019 02:01