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Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes One shaky (but controlled) game all season. Year end #1. 
2 LSU Tigers Great win over Georgia. 
3 Clemson Tigers Just because they haven't beaten anyone doesn't mean they aren't good. Playoff bound indeed.
4 Oklahoma Sooners Default #4. They earned it for sure, but clearly everyone below 3 is in a wholly different tier. 
5 Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl bound, PAC-12 champs. Great finish. 
6 Penn State Nittany Lions Giving them the nod to go to the Rose Bowl. Should be a great match between Oregon, with the Ducks being slight favorites. 
7 Georgia Bulldogs A good team that just couldn't find an offense. 
8 Florida Gators Should be good enough for a NY6 bowl, curious to where they land. 
9 Utah Utes Tough break. But they were a win away from the playoffs (or at WORST the Rose Bowl). Season should still be seen positively.
10 Memphis Tigers Memphis is my G5 NY6 projection, getting in over Boise and App State. 
11 Wisconsin Badgers Complete second half collapse. Reminiscent of the 2016 game versus PSU. 
12 Auburn Tigers The logjam of better SEC teams should keep this Very Good Auburn squad out of a premier bowl game, but their opponent (Wisconsin or Penn State most likely) will still be an elite pairing. 
13 Alabama Crimson Tide Probably going to curb stomp their bowl opponent... or quietly slip away in an upset into the night. Either way, this team was really good but you can't be amazing every year, every game. Just 99% of them. 
14 Baylor Bears Really showed up against the best defense Oklahoma has fielded all year. Score might not show it, but a backup against OU playing their minds out - could have been a murder. Wish they would have won.
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Really don't know where to slot them for a bowl game. 
16 Minnesota Golden Gophers What Could Have Been. Should play a solid opponent in their bowl game - maybe they can land the Citrus and go toe to toe with Bama. Would love to see it. 
17 Iowa Hawkeyes
18 Appalachian State Mountaineers Love to see them do well - sadly Memphis just looks like a better team to me. 
19 Michigan Wolverines
20 Boise State Broncos
21 North Dakota State Bison
22 Navy Midshipmen
23 USC Trojans
24 Air Force Falcons
25 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Submitted: Sun 08 Dec 2019 05:51