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Lots of reevaluation this week, Oklahoma State is replaced by Cincinnati. Teams are ranked by who I believe would win on a neutral site, resume is secondary.                        Conferences top 25 final score: (tie breaker by lowest total of all ranked teams) 1st:B1G(6) 2nd:SEC(5) 3rd:ACC(3) 4th:PAC-12(3) 5th:BigXll(2) 6th:American(2) 7th :MW(2) 8th IND(1) 9th:Sunbelt(1)

Rank Team Reason
1 Clemson Tigers Defending national champions just beat a top 25 team by 45 points. LSU hasn't beaten a P5 team by 45 all season. Ohio State has done it twice against a 2-9 Northwestern and a 3-7 Maryland.
2 LSU Tigers Up 1
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Down 1 - LSU had a larger win over a better team
4 Oklahoma Sooners Up 2 - They made the playoff, I will be shocked if they win a semi-final game.
5 Baylor Bears Up 2
6 Alabama Crimson Tide Up 2
7 Georgia Bulldogs Down 3 - Did not look competitive vs LSU
8 Utah Utes Down 3 - Weren't competitive vs Oregon
9 Penn State Nittany Lions
10 Wisconsin Badgers Up 5 - Wisconsin basically replaced their earlier loss to Ohio State loss with a closer loss, which helped their overall resume to jump some teams
11 Florida Gators Down 1
12 Auburn Tigers Down 1
13 Oregon Ducks Up 3
14 Michigan Wolverines Down 1
15 Minnesota Golden Gophers Down 3 - jumped by Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan
16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Down 2
17 Iowa Hawkeyes
18 Memphis Tigers
19 Boise State Broncos Up 1
20 Virginia Cavaliers Down 1
21 Appalachian State Mountaineers
22 Virginia Tech Hokies
23 USC Trojans
24 Cincinnati Bearcats NR
25 Air Force Falcons

Submitted: Sun 08 Dec 2019 06:20