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1 LSU Tigers just the top level wins and by so much, sure their d might not be as good, but I think they should be #1 but could see both sides argument for sure. 
2 Ohio State Buckeyes great comback after finally getting real tested i think.
3 Clemson Tigers i get they ar great and dominating everyone, but resume wise they are #3 to me. clemson fans can be mad that they cant control their scheduled teams, but luckily for them it doesnt matter much. they are int he playoffs and get to have to beat the 2 teams above them to prove they are the best. so its no knock on them and glad the playoffs exist
4 Oklahoma Sooners with that utah loss they get the sweet sweet #4 spot again, glad we get new teams in the playoff (yes I know lsu is new)
5 Georgia Bulldogs welp that was expected, great team, offense kinda  not enough. jstill ha some good wins and probably deserve to stay at 5 with the teams below them being the same record with not as good of wins
6 Baylor Bears damn real close to the playoff almost got oklahoma both times too. feels bad but great season and turnaround should feel good for them
7 Oregon Ducks great pac 12 win, unfortunate they floofed up the ASU game. idk if i really like them this high but i wont digress
8 Florida Gators honestly a great season all things considered just felt worse cause the losses took them out early it felt
9 Wisconsin Badgers great first half, less so the second
10 Penn State Nittany Lions I think their sos being barely worse than wisconsin as well as losing to minny when wisco won might be the difference, feels bad cause they are both so similar in feel that only one gets roses
11 Auburn Tigers idk yes it is 3 losses but to teams I have in the top 6, as well as beating a couple teams below them now with only 2 losses
12 Alabama Crimson Tide might feel a little low but they beat no one highly ranked, ala clemson, and sure injuries played some and scheduled teams are those teams but i am ranking on what they have done so whatever
13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish fine year 
14 Minnesota Golden Gophers great year this year
15 Memphis Tigers cc ray big seasongood luck norvell
16 Utah Utes might be a big drop but they never beat a ranked team all year, sorry utah bros it really kinda came down to one game which if they got wrecked by a far superior team but had a resume or vice versa i wouldnt have dropped them so much. feel a little hypocritical with this ranking at the moment...
17 Michigan Wolverines
18 Iowa Hawkeyes
19 Boise State Broncos nice mwc win this year unfortuante for them memphis had some bigger wins
20 Appalachian State Mountaineers oo ee get that conference win
21 Cincinnati Bearcats so close yet so far, twice in a row to memphis this week
22 Navy Midshipmen
23 USC Trojans
24 Air Force Falcons
25 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Submitted: Sun 08 Dec 2019 21:31