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1 Clemson Tigers I don't think I ever had Clemson in my top 2 all season. I just didn't see it, but I was really, really wrong. They are a super talented team and everyone played outrageously in the end. #1, definitively. 
2 Alabama Crimson Tide I don't know, even with the ass whoopin that they got, I'd have thought to move them below #2. They were just too good all year. Two good. Alabama will be back. Their WRs looked great, and we all know Tua can produce. Won't count them out. 
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Should Ohio State been in the playoffs?No. But are they as good as anyone in them?Yes. Had the season just been one game longer, they'd have been in... but it wasn't so they weren't. GG, c u next year. 
4 Florida Gators How the hell did Florida end up HERE? I don't know either man. Win your bowl games, beat good opponents. Wild ride right here. 
5 Oklahoma Sooners Still a great team, but just not good enough. The defense was porous, and their offense elite. Sometimes you can make that work, but it seems their drive just came up short. Good luck to your next Heisman QB. 
6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Look, going undefeated is hard. It really really is. And they only lost by 27. Gotta take that away from this year, say it forever. 
7 Washington State Cougars Another great-but-not-great-enough team. Excited for them, as this only seems to be getting better. 
8 Kentucky Wildcats Recency bias be damned. Kentucky gets a top-10 finish with maybe their best team ever. I don't know how they'll manage losing Allen and Snell for next year, but they sure looked like a lot of fun through this year. Enjoy!
9 Georgia Bulldogs At this point, I don't think any Georgia fan is surprised, and maybe not even disappointed. They looked amazing right up until the end there. They still look great, and will be back but... seems like they took those loses really hard. 
10 Michigan Wolverines Winning 10 games never felt so terrible. They had a wonderful defense and made some good teams look stupid, but didn't show up when it counted. Thought the loss versus ND would carry their revenge through the year, but like many dreams, they died in Columbus. Future looks bright, but so did the future three years ago. 
11 Texas Longhorns Texas being back doesn't even matter. No one thought Texas would finish where they did, and beating Georgia was some seriously good cake. I think the hype will carry over too much into next year, but you never know. 
12 LSU Tigers No one knows how good LSU really is. Sometimes they look ferocious, and other times they look lost. But, beating the reigning national champs is a huge win, and they should look more composed next year. 
13 UCF Knights I've definitely been a fan of this team for a while, and want the best for them. Sadly, losing their QB will spur a million "what ifs?" about this season, and probably would have beaten the Tigers had they had Milton. Only thing left to do is to keep winning. 
14 Syracuse Orange Another surprise from the start of the season, but legitimately were the second best team in the ACC this year, and when the best best won the whole damn thing, you're probably in good company. A great resurrection for a team that needed something soon.
15 Penn State Nittany Lions Nine wins. Everyone at the start of the season thought, you know what? Nine wins isn't so bad. That's fine.But they lied. Nine wins sucks asshole. It is awful. We should have won 11, but here we are in the single digit club like a bunch of rubes with thumbs up our asses. We have a lot to look forward to, but not without saying goodbye to the best QB in school history. Nine wins. Fuck that. 
16 Washington Huskies At least you got to play in the Rose Bowl, right? Right?Another year, another missed potential. Much like Penn State, you're always in that "1 win away" from being truly great. I know you've seen the playoffs, but you crashed out hard. Three years without a postseason win is rough. 
17 Army West Point ARMY! You beat Navy and whooped the shit out of Houston, who has never wronged you. But much like the actual military, who gives a fuck? The loss to Duke hurt, though not as much at the time, and the lose to Oklahoma could have shaken the entire playoff had it gone the other way, but still. 11 wins is impressive as hell for a service academy. Impressive for anyone. 
18 Fresno State Bulldogs Feels like everyone forgot about you. For just a little bit of time, you were the heir apparent for a NY6 bowl game. You still ended up with 12 (!) wins, which is amazing, but it doesn't feel as sweet when you win the Las Vegas Bowl. I don't know much about your team, so maybe you'll be good again. Maybe you won't, but good luck. 
19 Northwestern Wildcats Just showing up to Indianapolis was huge for this program. You'll never not be sneaky, but now you just have to work on translating that sneakiness into ... I don't know, beating Akron. Seriously, what the hell?
20 Utah State Aggies Another team with an early loss that could have changed their whole season. And, to top if off, you lose your coach. Either way, 11 wins is great, and this might make up for all those years where Chuckie Keeton *almost* won against Auburn, Wisconsin, BYU, USC, Utah... sorry I'll stop now. 
21 Boise State Broncos Not a lot to say about you all, especially since they CANCELED your damn game. Sorry Broncs. Nowhere to go but up, right?
22 Utah Utes THIS close to winning the Pac 12. THIS close to beating Northwestern so badly in the first half that they'd roll over. THIS CLOSE to a lot of things. You'll still be good, but will you ever make the leap?
23 Oregon Ducks Hey, at least you were on the WINNING side of a terrible bowl game. 
24 North Dakota State Bison Realistically you'll never see final votes, but dammit if 7 championships in 8 years isn't absolutely bonkers... good show. Here's to 8 in 9. 
25 West Virginia Mountaineers I feel like there wasn't a lot to play for. I know teams say that when they lose bowl games they didn't think they'd end up in (see: Georgia)  but really, it feels like you didn't have a reason to play. No Big 12 championship game. No Grier. I almost didn't even rank you. 

Submitted: Tue 08 Jan 2019 17:29