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Overall Rationale:

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide Life is a movie, and Bama plays the protagonist
2 Clemson Tigers ho hum
3 Oklahoma Sooners hopefully against Bama they can do that thing they do where they just turn every game into an Oklahoma game
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish I dropped them a spot for not playing in their conference title game
5 Ohio State Buckeyes so Urban gets to retire a god, huh? Great. That's great.
6 Georgia Bulldogs woof. (pun intended)
7 UCF Knights
8 Michigan Wolverines the fullcast said it perfectly when they described Michigan's season as like getting a 4 on an AP exam. Is it good? Yes. Is it what we wanted? No.
9 Washington Huskies
10 Texas Longhorns
11 Utah Utes
12 Kentucky Wildcats > Florida
13 Florida Gators > LSU
14 LSU Tigers > Georgia. Wait, shit.
15 Penn State Nittany Lions sure fine whatever here seems good
16 West Virginia Mountaineers
17 Fresno State Bulldogs Good for them beating Boise on the road in a snowstorm.
18 Army West Point Lowkey they're a win over Navy away from a 10 win season.
19 Boise State Broncos
20 Syracuse Orange good for Dino.
21 Appalachian State Mountaineers
22 Texas A&M Aggies
23 Northern Illinois Huskies Hahahaha Buffalo collapsed
24 UAB Blazers WOO!
25 Northwestern Wildcats I guess I have to rank them?

Submitted: Tue 04 Dec 2018 15:02