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Overall Rationale:
I took the BROHM methodology from u/factorialite but with a few minor changes. First, this ranking system is pretty bad (though amusingly quite good in some ways, a la finding Clemson/Alabama highly ranked).The way BROHM works is I have assigned P5 teams 150 points to start, G5 teams 100 points, FCS Playoff (last year) teams 75 points (which they cannot gain or lose but just stay at 75 always) and all other FCS teams 50 points (which again, cannot gain or lose but just stay at 50 points),For each game, a team contributes half of its points into the game pool (so if a P5 team starts against another P5 team they each contribute 75 points). Then, they take out points based on their pythagorean share in that game (PointsFOR^2/(PointsFOR^2+PointsAGAINST^2)). This way, it's possible for a "bad" team to play a "good" team close and ultimately win points despite losing the game. Alternatively, it is possible for a "good" team to win a game and ultimately lose points to a "bad" team by not beating them by enough.

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Clemson Tigers
3 Georgia Bulldogs
4 Ohio State Buckeyes
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
6 Michigan Wolverines
7 Missouri Tigers
8 Washington Huskies
9 UCF Knights
10 Oklahoma Sooners
11 LSU Tigers
12 Penn State Nittany Lions
13 Texas A&M Aggies
14 Mississippi State Bulldogs
15 South Carolina Gamecocks
16 Iowa Hawkeyes
17 Texas Longhorns
18 Miami Hurricanes
19 West Virginia Mountaineers
20 Vanderbilt Commodores
21 Fresno State Bulldogs
22 Northwestern Wildcats
23 Washington State Cougars
24 Auburn Tigers
25 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Submitted: Tue 04 Dec 2018 01:37